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Ever had a dream that seemed to be too realistic?
Ever felt out-of-body experience while sleeping?
Perhaps you were dreaming and suddenly woke up understanding you are the one in control of it?

Welcome to!

We provide you with the freshest updates and techniques on how to enjoy lucid dreaming and explore your subconsciousness by employing your conscious mind.

We will answer any question you may have about Lucid Dreaming:

  • In Psychology
  • It's Benefits and Risks
  • In Pop Culture
  • In History
  • It's Prospects
  • Methods
  • Effects
  • Lucid Dreamers
  • Stories About it
  • Sleep Paralysis
  • Sexual Dreams
  • Hallucinations
  • And Much More

This is the site for insights, explanations and analysis about Lucid Dreams based on your knowledge.
Each article is categorised corresponding to the level of your understanding about Lucid Dreams:


You are new to the topic. You might be asking yourself 'What are these lucid dreams?', 'Can I try conscious sleeping?'


You know something about the topic, but sometimes you find yourself confused. You might be asking yourself 'What is the difference between lucid dreams and astral projection?' or 'Can lucid dreaming have detrimental effects on mental health?'


You know a lot about the topic. You are curious to learn more about random facts or scientific studies.