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You might think about whether disabled people can experience lucid dreaming or not? The answer is yes. Lucid dreaming opened a gateway for people to improve their innate skills or to recover from a disability. From a vibrant athlete to a person in a wheelchair, anyone can enjoy their favourite movements during LD.

Tuesday, 21 December 2021

How does Lucid Dreaming feel like?

Lucid Dreaming occurs when you recognize that you are dreaming. You can realize your thoughts and feelings while you dream. You may also be able to control Lucid Dreaming. You may be able to change people, environments, and stories.

A recent statistic showed that 50 percent of the global population experience lucid dreaming. But people are trying to learn the art of lucid dreaming nowadays, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. Such people attend special workshops and pieces of training to induce LD. However, learning these skills is not so easy as it appears.

In everyone's life, there are some situations when they have to decide and choose a path that may impact their future. For example, someone might think about becoming a director of a film and performing as an actor of the same? It may involve thinking about the plot, the whole scenario, scenes, and the story's end. After knowing all aspects related to that, they can decide to be an actor or only director. Actually, at that time, their brain is working and making decisions by consciousness.

During the pandemic COVID-19, lockdowns happened worldwide; people were restricted to their homes, some had jobs from homes, and some were jobless. During this lockdown, lucid Dreaming became more popular all around the world. In the global world, lucid Dreaming is not new for anyone; it is getting popular nowadays.

Celebrities inspire people and fans, whether their favourite stars adopt a cosmetic product, food, or lucid dreaming. Many celebrities are also lucid dreamer experts, and many of their master creations result from lucid dreaming.

You might have watched a movie, a youtube video, a TikTok video or read an article or book about lucid dreaming (LD). If you have done any of them randomly, it's crystal clear that LD has become a popular topic nowadays.

Monday, 18 October 2021

20 Facts About Lucid Dreaming

When you go to your bed and lay down at night, your brain is not empty, and you are still thinking of so many things, a typical routine for mango people. Your brain is working all day long and tired, so calmness and peacefulness is a gift to it, and it helps your brain build a reality different from the outside world. The experience of the dreams feels so natural that you don't realize the dream until you wake up.

Have you ever interpreted some feeling?

Decades ago, children played indoor, outdoor, and physical games with their fellows, siblings, and family members, contributing to their health, e.g. mental and physical health. Over time, things are modernized and changed rigorously; in a digital world, mobile phones and other gadgets are more common and accessible. Children and adults feel more attracted to playing virtual games.

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