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Saturday, 11 September 2021

Do Lucid Dreaming Pills Work?

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Do Lucid Dreaming Pills Work? Associative picture from Unsplash

“Lucid dreaming will take months to experiment,” beginner lucid dreamers can get dishearten by this fact. However, there is always a ray of hope, which is valid for lucid dreaming; many other effective techniques exist to support and fasten the process of inducing lucid dreams. But you must remember two things regarding LD – no magic exists to induce lucid dreams, and not every technique will work for everyone.

Some companies are selling lucid dreaming pills based on clinical data. There is a variety of such medications in the market now. But before taking any of these, you should do complete research. This article will get complete information about lucid dreaming pills, how they work, risks and dangers, and ways to combine pill intake with other lucid dreaming techniques.

What are the ingredients of LD pills?

Scientific investigations provide information about nutrients that help to promote lucid dreams fast. Some of these researched nutrients are vitamin B6, melatonin, galantine, and tryptophan and most of the pills available to improve your ability to lucid dreams contain these ingredients.

How do LD pills work?

LD pills that contain nutrients mentioned above help to:

  • Boost REM sleep
  • Increase vivid dreaming
  • Improve consciousness during a lucid dream

Among other things, the vital role of LD pills is to stop the regular breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) that will help to improve our dream memory and promotes REM sleep.

Are LD Pills safe?

According to critiques, these pills are considered harmful because they contain toxic chemicals along with nutrients that cause a change in our brain chemistry. Also, some dreamers report that these work effectively for them but are somewhat harmful.

Before you consider a particular LD pill to fasten your lucid dreaming experience, you should observe and research all possible outcomes, and in case it’s not working for you, stop taking it.

Side Effects of LD Pills

People report some common and mild side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Other rare possible side effects include slower heart rate, epilepsy, congestion, and gastrointestinal tract blockage. Any side effects can be the result of an overdose, or it varies from person to person. You should never experiment with high doses, as overdosing anything can harm you.

How to take LD Pills?

If you think that you can get lucid dreams just by taking LD pills, you will never succeed; however, combining these pills with LD-inducing techniques can do wonders for your lucid dreaming journeys.

  • You should take a sound sleep for 4 to 5 hours by following your bedtime routine to promote lucid dreaming.
  • You should wake up after 4 to 5 hours of sleep by an alarm and take your pill.
  • Go back to sleep while performing MILD, SILD, or any other technique.

Ideally, by performing all mentioned steps, especially the LD induction technique, there are more chances to experience a lucid dream. However, you should always start by conventional methods and resort to pills only if you're unsuccessful for months.