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Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Effects of different types of video games on lucid dreaming

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Effects of different types of video games on lucid dreaming Associative picture from Unsplash

Several scientific findings showed that video gaming helps induce lucid dreams. Gackenbach researched in 2006 the connection between video games and LD. A plethora of other Different types of Video games and lucid dreaming highlights the fundamental reasons why gamers have more probability of experiencing lucid dreams.

The people used to play games develop different cognitive skills and apprehension. They are more able to imagine their fantasies as compared to others. Moreover, the frequency of playing games also increases the probability of LD. It happens so because gamers know how to control the characters in gameplay. This ability helps them to drive their dreams the way they want. Due to the remarkable effect of visual gameplays on lucid dreaming, researchers called it a heaven-made match.

How do video games help in lucid dreaming?

Video games are the products of the powerful imagination of the people. So, if a person can bring his thoughts to reality by creating a game, he can experience their fantasies while dreaming. Similarly, passionate gamers experience virtual reality while playing games. They can think of themselves as a character of another realm in a better way. So, this way, lucid dreaming helps people to experience a better version of LD.

GILD-A heaven made match for lucid dreaming

GILD stands for games-induced lucid dreams. It is a global technique helpful in the induction of lucid dreams.

GILD technique is somehow similar to the Tetris effect. In this, people play games in the first person and imagine themselves in the game. The benefit of using this technique is that a person knows that he is playing games. But he can control the character of the game.

Best video games for lucid dreaming

The best perk is that playing any video gameplay has an impact on the way you dream. Because when you indulge yourself in a game, you understand the method to control your consciousness while dreaming. However, experienced researchers quote that physically active games are more helpful for inducing LD. But here is the list of a few games that have a more powerful effect.


It is a game worth playing. The choice of travelling on hundreds of tracks and the high-resolution graphics add to its perk. Moreover, different case studies show that this game is remarkably helpful in improving lucid dreaming.


Game lovers recommend this game highly because it allows you to change the physical objects in your dream city. You can mine the resources and construct new buildings in the City. So, it might be helpful in your LD for imagining whatever you want.

No man’s sky

This game can help you to enjoy the perks of both Skyrim and Minecraft. You can select different routes for wanderings and can also go for mining the resources. So, it is one game with double perks.

The delineating Relationship between Lucid dreaming and video gameplays is still further researchable. However, scientists are trying to use video games the gain productive benefits in lucid dreaming. The final thoughts are that playing such games in real will help you to practice the empire of your choice while having LD.