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Tuesday, 02 August 2022

Horror Movies on Lucid Dreaming

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Horror Movies on Lucid Dreaming Associative picture from Unsplash

People love to use lucid dreaming to enjoy their fantasy, which is sometimes impossible in reality. The concept of using LD to live in a movie is also gaining popularity because people want to enjoy their favourite characters. However, researchers report that it can be scary sometimes. For instance, you want to wake up from your dream, but due to medications and practices of lucid dreaming, you are unable to wake up. You will find yourself in terrible conditions in such circumstances. When the idea of lucid dreaming is appealing in reality, then how our production houses may overlook this concept as it is.

Lucid dreaming has somewhat emerged as a zeitgeist, and horror movies draw the mainstream audience's attention by portraying the possibilities and perils of LD in a very enthusiastic way. Movies like inception and behind her eyes picturized the idea that people can shift to other physical realms and meet people in their dreams.

Here are some well-known horror movies on lucid dreaming that flooded the market:

A Nightmare on Elm Street


This is a great horror movie written by Wes Caven for the first time. Several sequels of this movie got released in 1984. Its storyline constitutes a group of teens that face off next to Freddy Krueger. However, Freddy Krueger is a child killer manipulating a glove fabricated with knives that terrorize children through their dreams. Its idea revolves around a boy who is ill with nightmares and wound up becoming extinct in the middle of one. In this, Krueger comes in the dream of kids and kills them. Children also think that they, their family members, and friends are no more, but actually, it is a nightmare. The author intends to highlight the concept that travelling in dreams is possible. And dream world has its physical existence as well.



In 1984 first sequel of dreamscape of 1n 39m released. In the main plot, a man comes into sight who can cross the threshold and influence people's dreams. That person got hired by a government agency. He lends help to alleviate the nightmares of the president of the United States. President dreams about nuclear war but staggers upon a shooting plot. The twist comes when a patient dies during sleep from a heart problem. The whole storyline is full of threats and horrors.

The Dead of Night


The Dead of night movie story got scripted as a complete, accurate crime show to set up a family makeup. In the original version, Craig enters a country lodge. He gets scared of finding the guests in his home because he met all those in his dreams. Then Craig comes to the house after 1-to 2 such incidents; his wife gives him a mirror. Upon looking in that mirror, he found himself in another place. Craig thinks he is experiencing one after another terrible incident after going to the cottage. But he awakens in his bedroom after a phone call from his host.


On a serious note, if you are a man of strong nerves, you must watch these horror movies. Some LD practitioners recommend watching these to explore the dream world from a deeper approach.


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