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Tuesday, 01 November 2022

Internal and External uses of Herbs

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Internal and External uses of Herbs Associative picture from Unsplash

Are you interested in experiencing intense lucid dreams? Well, oneriogens or dream herbs are the ultimate solutions for inducing vivid LD. Several herbs are available naturally that help lucid dreamers to have a more realistic experience.

Dream herbs have a hallucinating or sedative effect that provides lucid comfort to the dreamer. In this way, one can improve his lucid dreaming. Moreover, these natural herbs amplify the consciousness while sleeping and help remember the events happening in the dreamscape.

The benefits enjoyable by using organic herbs depend on the composition of the herbs. Some of the herbs bring colour and radiance to your dreams and also provide lucid support. Others may help you recall the minute details of your lucid dream. Scientific findings are available that show dreams herbs boost the cognitive thinking of the brain. They also increase the blood flow that ultimately produces vivid dreams.

How to use herbs for inducing lucid dreams?

Herbalists recommend several ways to use oneriogens or dream plants. As some herbs are more effective when used orally. However, these dream plants are usable in two ways:

  • External uses
  • Internal uses

How do dreamers use herbs externally?

External Usage of the herbs involves taking them as a perfume, ointment, or deodorant. The user does not engulf the organic extracts in this way. Some oneriogens are effective externally as Datura or Mugwort. Here are some external uses of the herbs for the induction of lucid dreams.

As a Deodorant

The fragrance or scent of some natural herbs is hallucinating. You can use these plants in the form of deodorants. Spray them in your whole room or on your pillow to get a deep sleep. For example, the enchanting smell of Mugwort lucidly supports you.

As dried flowers

Flowers of some plants possess a soothing smell. You can place the dried flowers in your pillowcase and sniff the odour while sleeping. This way will help you to get more prophetic dreams. Anise and Sage leaves are useable in this way.

What are the internal uses of dreams herbs?

Internal use of herbs means taking them orally or engulfing them. The organic extracts from such herbs are available as capsules, tea packets, coffee, etc. When you use herbs internally, the chemicals from these herbs get digested and enter your bloodstream. In this way, they directly affect your brain functioning and improve your experience.

As tincture

The dried barks, leaves, or branches of some dream plants get soaked in ethyl alcohol. The extracts from the plant’s parts move to the liquid medium and get concentrated there. In this way, you can use these tinctures of oneriogens with your meal.

As capsule

Herbalists collect the herbal extracts of oneriogens by grinding them. Capsules help store these powdered extracts. So, lucid dreamers can use these medicated capsules for improving LD. Valerian root is best to use in the form of capsules.

As tea

Teabags of some herbs are also available online for improving LD. Some plants like Calea Zacatechichi are useable in the form of tea or coffee. The sedating chemicals present in the herb help you sleep faster and recall your dreams after awakening.

So, whether you use the dream herbs externally or internally, be careful in terms of dosage. Do not take overdosage to prevent harmful side effects.