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Lucid dreaming was a phenomenon known since the time of Aristotle; however, it was successfully verified by the researcher thirty years ago clinically and in a sleep laboratory by measuring eye movement and studying the REM state of sleep.

So, as a result, it is considered that lucid dreaming is primarily a REM sleep phenomenon. As we already know, LD is a learnable skill, and various techniques are recommended for lucid dreaming induction.

In this article, we study different lucid dreaming techniques and their classification. So the systematic study of lucid dreaming examined the effectiveness of induction techniques.

Induction Techniques During Day Time

Some tips are very useful for inducing lucid dreaming and getting into the mindset of experiencing lucid dreaming in the night.

Reality Testing

You can do different reality tests throughout the day to train your mind. It is very helpful to increase metacognition by training the mind and noticing the awareness of dreamers. The brain's prefrontal cortex plays a major role in reality testing and lucid dreaming.

Mindful During the Day

Dreams are a continuation of our waking life., whenever we start noticing the surroundings and being mindful throughout the day, it helps to lucid dream during the night.

Induction Techniques Before Sleeping

There are some techniques used before sleeping that are useful for lucid dreaming.

Set bedtime routine

Bedtime routine plays an important role in inducing lucid dreams. Set the bedroom environment, light, temperature, and noise. Take a warm bath and perform some meditation to achieve focus.

Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams (MILD)

MILD is based on a behaviour known as prospective memory. It involves setting an intention to do something (like LD) later. MILD can also be practised after waking up during a dream. Firstly, set an intention to achieve LD and keep thinking about having a dream when I fall asleep. After setting reminders, your brain is working on what you want.

Induction Techniques During Sleeping

There are many techniques used during sleeping to achieve lucid dreams.

Keep a dream journal.

It is necessary to have a dream journal to record dreams when you are trying to attain lucid dreams; it will help you understand the patterns of dreams. Whenever you awake, recall all bits and pieces of your dream and write them down in detail.

Reality Testing

Reality testing is a great way to train your mind to differentiate between awakened life and a state of lucid dream. The dreamer keeps performing the reality tests unconsciously and assesses the state according to the test result.

Wake Back To Bed (WBTB)

A technique of WBTB is to set the alarm for four to six hours after bedtime, go to sleep as usual when the alarm rings, stay up for 30 minutes, then fall back asleep. It involves entering REM sleep when dreamers are still conscious. When the dreamer goes back to sleep, there will be more chances for him to get lucid.


To achieve lucid dreams successfully, you can try several techniques from different categories; however, a combination of reality testing, WBTB, and MILD can work effectively.


When you first try learning to control your dreams, it would be a really interesting idea to use lucid dreaming drugs. If you've never heard of them before, lucid dreaming drugs basically contain ingredients that will drastically raise the chances of you experiencing a lucid dream.


A lot of people have said that these things work really well, but you may not ever actually try them for yourself yet. All you need to do is to get your hands on a bottle of one of the most popular lucid dreaming drugs. Every night for the coming seven days, you have to take one pill, and this article will tell you exactly what is going to happen.

What are Ingredients of Lucid Dreaming Drugs?

Lucid dreaming drugs contain several ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost the vividness of your dreams and make it easier to remember them in the morning. Some of these ingredients include huperzine, choline and ginger root extract etc.

What are the Instructions for Lucid Dreaming Drugs?

The instructions are fairly simple: take one or two pills before bedtime and then go to sleep. You should take them at around 10 p.m. and what you will notice initially is that your dreams have become extremely vivid. And you have become a lot more aware.

How does Lucid Dreaming Drug Work?

These lucid dreaming drugs will make you feel like your're dreaming a lot longer. I will also help to have multiple lucid dreams in a single night. Something that you haven't really done much in the past. The reason why this would happen is likely because of the ingredients in the drugs.

However, there is something really important that is needed to tell you. If you decide to try these drugs for yourself, you cannot let them become an excuse for you to not practice lucid dreaming techniques. The ingredients in lucid dreaming drugs will cause you to become a lot more aware of your dreams. It will perfectly set you up to have a lucid dream, but none of that matters if you're not practising the foundations of lucid dreaming on its own.

Can I Rely on Drugs only for Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming drugs will definitely increase the chances of lucid dreaming. But if you really want to have the best results, you need to be doing things like reality checks, writing down your dreams in the journal and using lucid dreaming techniques at night.

If you take these drugs and you're doing these things, it's almost impossible to not have a lucid dream. It's kind of like building furniture using tools. Like lucid dreaming, drugs will speed up the process. But if you lose the instructions, you won't know what you're building. It even says on the back of the bottle of these drugs. That you will have the best results if you use a lucid dreaming technique like wake back to bed. It's really not that hard to do.

Why should I Try Lucid Dreaming Drugs?

After trying them for yourself, you would surely think that lucid dreaming drugs are really amazing. Because the results you are going to have from them are very impressive. It seems like one of the best ways to quickly experience a lucid dream if you're just starting out.


No doubt it is a good idea to use lucid dreaming drugs, as these can help you in two ways, experiencing lucid dreams and increasing the frequency of them in a single night.

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

How to Control Lucid dreaming?

Dreaming is an amazing phenomenon when a person realizes that he is sleeping and sees a dream.

Those who are more experienced in lucid dreaming can control the movements and content of their dreams to diverging degrees.

To better understand this phenomenon, scientists have launched the largest well-known study of lucid dreams to date, the International Induction of Lucid Dreams (ILDIS).

Here is some practice that can help people in their daily lives how to control lucid dreaming? It is thought that it is two important changes in the brain that create such a state.

Front temporal cortex

The frontal, temporal lobe cortex, which controls higher cognitive functions, which is suppressed in normal dreams, is activated in lucid dreams. Also, in lucid dreams, gamma waves increase. Gamma waves are a phenomenon in which a group of neurons ignites synchronously at frequencies related to conscious awareness, voluntary behavior, decision-making, and other executive functions. So it helps control lucid dreaming.

Recognize the sign of a dream

Don't leave your dreams in your diary. Check your dream diary regularly to see if there are any patterns. Do you have a specific theme or person coming out over and over? These may be a hint to know what issues your inner mind is focusing on. More importantly, you will be able to control when you are dreaming.

The more you notice the signs of your dreams, the more quickly you will control when you are in your dreams.

Perform reality checks

Reality checking helps you to see if you're awake or asleep. It is to make your brain get used to seeing if you're dreaming so that you can control these.


Lucid dream experts recommend doing one of the following about 12 times per day for controlling lucid dreaming:


  • Hold the forefinger of one hand through the palm of the other hand. I ask myself whether I am dreaming or not and expect that I can do it. In a dream, even things that do not occur in reality will happen. It's happening in a dream, but it's not happening in fact. By opening your mind and questioning the existence of the front and back, you can be sure that you are dreaming. Furthermore, by making this a habit, you may eventually repeat the same experiment in your dream and find yourself in the dream when your fingers pass.
  • Also, please observe your hands and feet. These are often distorted in dreams.
  • Look at the clock and book pages and try to leave or go back immediately. In dreams, time and characters often change, but they usually do not alter in the real world.

Cause sleep paralysis

When the alarm clock rings, keep your eyes closed as much as possible. I want to go to sleep as soon as possible, so don't worry about writing a diary about your dreams. Concentrate and be conscious of increasing your chances of controlling lucid dreaming while your eyes are closed and lying on the bed.


However, please note that when you fall asleep while maintaining consciousness, you may fall into a state called "sleep paralysis." Sleep paralysis can lead to anxiety in some people because their bodies stop moving. At that point, say you "I'm secure" and "I'm doing it to go a lucid dream."

Bottom Line

Don't be upset if you make many mistakes at first. At first, they often don't stay long in their dreams. Many people who start to control lucid dreaming are excited when they realize they can handle it and inadvertently wake up. Sometimes, you get used to that feeling and can't stay in your dreams for long.


Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Youtube and Lucid Dreaming

Youtube has been an excellent platform for learning different skills and getting information. It is because visual content is more helpful in understanding and memorizing a concept. Moreover, some people prefer animated videos on written blogs for gaining knowledge. During the covid-19 pandemic, the worth of YouTube increased in many fields because several institutions transferred their courses to online mediums. That is why the different institutes of lucid dreaming also started using youtube to teach people lucid dreaming. Several youtube channels teach how to experience lucid dreaming and the potential applications of using LD. Another benefit of using YouTube for learning lucid dreaming is that you can attend live streamings of different LD experts and ask live questions. Reading comments below the videos helps increase your exposure to the online community of lucid dreaming. Moreover, animated videos can better explain the brain's functioning during LD.

What are the best Youtube Lucid Dreaming Channels?


Many youtube channels provide a complete guide to lucid dreaming, its induction techniques, and uses. Here are a few recommended and ranked channels that give quality content:

  • James S Bray is a lucid dreaming expert and experiences frequent lucid dreaming every night. He claims that he can enjoy 4-5 dreams per night. He shares his expertise and usage of different induction techniques on his YouTube channel regarding lucid dreaming. The viewers can ask questions and clear their confusion regarding LD. The channel run by James is Beyond Lucid Dreaming, and more than 100 videos on different aspects of lucid dreaming are available on the channel. James also wrote a book named New horizons of lucid dreaming-techniques and perspectives for lucid practitioners. So, you can go for his videos to master the technique of lucid dreaming.
  • Dr. Stephen Laberge also highlights different aspects of lucid dreaming in his videos on a YouTube channel named Science and nonduality. He dialogues with various experts to describe the unveiled concepts of LD. If you are still confused about the actual mechanism of lucid dreaming and cannot differentiate between awareness and consciousness, you can check his videos regarding this concept.

What are some Best Youtube videos on Lucid Dreaming?


Here is the list of some top-rated videos regarding LD:

  • Lucid dreaming presentation is the video of a symposium in which Dr. Stephen Laberge explained Sleep consciousness and lucid dreaming in texas.
  • If you are interested in movies portraying lucid dreaming, go for this video. It explains briefly the behind her eyes and then describes the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. Some facts about lucid dreaming are also available in the video.
  • Another excellent video on lucid dreaming is the animated content that presents the brain's functioning and mechanisms during the REM sleep cycle. The video also verifies the authenticity of lucid dreaming by sharing different research articles.


So, lucid dreamers must watch youtube videos demonstrating the induction techniques and the mechanism. Moreover, if you are an audiophile, you can also search on YouTube regarding different audiobooks on the topic of lucid dreaming.

Tuesday, 05 July 2022

How to do lucid dreaming?

Dreams are always somewhere mysterious in our lives. The hallucinations created by the brain, no matter how fantastic, are real and generate various emotions such as sadness and fear. And the concept of "lucid dream" is on another dimension.

A lucid dream is a dream in which one realizes that it is not a reality but a dream, and some people can change the "scenario" of the dream. The primary meaning of a lucid dream is to be aware that you are dreaming while you are in a dream. Sound dreaming techniques train your mind to notice your consciousness. They are also designed to help you regain or retain consciousness when you enter REM sleep. Here are some methods how to do lucid dreaming?

Reality test

Reality testing is a sort of mental practice. By training your mind to notice your consciousness, you increase meta-cognition.

According to Cognitive Neuropsychiatry Trusted Source, the level of meta-cognition is almost the same when waking and dreaming. In other words, the higher the meta-awareness of awakening, the higher the meta-awareness of dreaming.

It may be related to the brain's prefrontal cortex playing a role in reality testing and lucid dreaming. To increase meta-awareness, it's a good idea to do reality testing when you're awake.

Wake Up Back to Bed (WBTB)

It is commonly used in conjunction with the "mild approach" to prevent sleep. After sleeping for a while, the alarm has woken up on a goal, and after waking up for a certain time, you go to sleep again.

Keep a dream diary

Keeping a dream diary is a common way to achieve lucid dreaming. Writing down your dreams will remind you of what happened in your dreams. It is said that they can recognize the signs of a plan and increase their awareness of it.

Wake-Induced Lucid Dream WILD

The WILD (Wake-Induced Lucid Dream) enters the dream directly from the state of being awake. WILD is said to help keep the mind conscious while the body is sleeping.

You need to lie down and relax until you experience the hallucinations that happen just before you fall asleep.

Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams MILD

It is one of the first methods to induce lucid dreaming using scientific research. MILD is based on the behavior of "positive memory," which sets the intent to do something later.

A MILD, I try to remember that I dream. You can also exercise MILD after rising in the center of a dream. Usually, this is recommended because even if you wake up in the middle of a dream, the dream's contents remain in your head.

Bottom Line

Lucid dreaming may help people who dream of controlling their dreams. In addition, once you know you are dreaming, you will be aware that nightmares are not real. Lucid dreams are seen when you are aware that you are dreaming. In many cases, you can control the story or environment of your dreams, which occurs during REM sleep.

Using lucid dreams for treatment helps to treat recurring nightmare-like symptoms.

If you want how to do lucid dream, try these above techniques. These techniques can prepare your brain to be alert to your consciousness during sleep. If you think you have sleep problems or other mental problems, we recommend seeking a doctor's diagnosis.


Lucid dreamers recommend that LD is a great source of improving creativity. A simple dream without lucidness can also help a person be more creative. But lucid dreaming has additional perks related to productivity because a person is aware of events in LD. People used to get inspiration from their dreams and use their dreamscape and scenarios while writing.

Lucid dreaming also aids to get inspiration for prose theatre and practising painting in subconsciousness. Famous painters and actors practice in the state of lucid dreaming to polish their skills.

Some people say that lucid dreamers are more creative than non-lucid dreamers. Many prose, theatre, and paintings are available in English literature and arts related to lucid dreaming. For example, Lucid lovers is a famous prose exhibit of how two people induce lucid dreaming.

How Lucid Dreaming Helps to Polish Prose Writing Skills?

Several notable stories are available where people extract ideas from dreams and publish them in their books. Emily Shereece Frier is a natural lucid dreamer. She mentions in his post that she used to have a dream journal. She notes all the ideas and captivating scenes from her dreams to remember them. In this way, one can refine her writings and publications. She further adds in her post that lucid dreaming is also usable for ideas about the music and melodies.

How Can One Refine His Theatre Experiences Using LD?

Lucid dreams help polish theatre skills as:

  • They are a great idea to catch melodious pieces of songs from your dreamscape. However, it's peremptory to keep a dream journal with yourself.
  • You can pen down the captured ideas and themes from your dreams. In this way, these ideas can help you in your real-life prose or theatre dramas.
  • You can visualize any scene in your dreams for a preview. This opportunity may help you skip your ideas that do not sound good. You can visualize your imagination before it gets acted out. So, LD is also a way to judge whether your thoughts will be as stunning on-screen as you imagined.
  • Aimée Sparrow, a frequent lucid dreamer, quotes that LD improves our observation skills. We become more sensitive to the scenes, vocals, and nuance of music while dreaming.
  • In this way, one can pen down the masterpiece he observed and use it in his theatre plays.

Is Lucid Dreaming Also Aids in Painting?

A lucid dreamer can do the painting in his dreams to command his skills. Moreover, creativity can stem from dreaming, so you can get impressions from your dream to paint them. Emily Shereece Frier says if one cannot describe the dreamscape through his words, he can paint it.


So, the final verdict is that it can be a very enlightening experience to use LD for creativity. Different artists use visualizations for practising in their minds. So, painters, writers, actors, and musicians can use this premium technique for bringing innovation in their scripts or designs.

Lucid dreams are an effective way to develop artistic talent, whether in paintings, prose or theatre.


It is exciting to know that different botanical keys are available to induce lucid dreams. Nature has gifted us with Oneriogens (Onerio means dream and gen mean to generate) to experience LD vividly. These are a class of herbs that act as allies for LD and assist in better exploration of the imaginary world.

Oneriogens were get used for a long time in ancient Mexico and South Africa. The population of those areas used these dream plants in their rituals to get vivid and intensive dream activity. Since then, it has been customary to use different oneriogens for visiting mysterious sites while sleeping.

In short, oneriogens are herbal agents that assist in psychological therapy during LD. However, keep in mind, oneriogens themselves do not act as emotional healers. These special herbs help a person to induce LD. So, it is the lucid dream that eventually helps the dreamer deal with his psychological issues.

Which type of oneriogens is helpful for lucid dreaming?

Several dream plants were common in Australia, Mexico, Amazon, South Africa for inducing dreams. The details of some herbs possessing oneriogenic properties are here for guidance:


If you are passionate about lucid dreaming, you must try Mugwort. A Famous herbalist named Mathew wood considered the flowers of this plant as a magical herb. So, it is an effective dream inducer that also helps to remember the dreams.


Kwazulu natives of south Africa recommend this herb for inducing profound dreams. Imphepho acts as a strong sedative that improves consciousness during LD. So, herbalists recommend this botanical herb for getting meditation and crystal-clear dreams.

Calea zacatechichi

Calea zacatechichi is also well-known with the names dream herb or leaf of god. Scientific findings are available that this herbal agent has remarkable dream-inducing power. Moreover, it also enables the dreamer to develop colourful dreams.

Several other dream plants also include Silene capensis, Gingko Biloba, Nymphea blue, Passiflora, etc. Everyone has their efficacy that may help out a person to induce dreams. So, you may select the one that suits your stomach and temperament.

Ginkgo Biloba

It is another dream plant that directly affects brain functioning. A lucid dreamer becomes more alert and conscious during LD after using a herbal tea or potion containing Ginkgo Biloba.

How to use oneriogens for inducing lucid dreaming?

The induction of lucid dreams is achievable by using the following ways to use oneriogens to get more indulged in the dreaming state.

Internal Usage

Some plants like Calea zacatechichi, peppermint, valerian root, and Ginkgo Biloba are best for use in the form of tea, tincture, or coffee. Another way of using oneriogens internally is to take a capsule of the dried and ground leaves.

External Usage

External uses of the dream plants involve placing the fired leaves or flowers under the bed or in the pillowcase. Mugwort, Datura, and Burdock are placeable in the pillowcase for enjoying vivid and prophetic dreams. Another way of using these herbs is by using organic extracts of oneriogens plants or sniffing their odour.


Some peoples have a God-gifted ability to dream lucidly, while others may not have. So, oneriogens plants are a miraculous gift of nature to induce LD. If you are poor at experiencing lucid dreams, you can use these dream plants extracts for improving your dream state.


The general stats show that people experience lucid dreams spontaneously, and this spontaneous induction occurs many times during a week. However, there are different variations in that data because 20% percent of people experience it once a month. But, naturally, some people may experience lucid dreaming every night, and such dreamers work to train their minds to induce lucidity.

Lucid dreaming experts say that lucid dreaming every night is a God-gifted ability, and if someone can induce LD daily, he is a natural lucid dreamer. However, you can also train yourself to induce lucid dreams every night by adopting different ways. For example, you can keep a sleep journal with yourself and maintain sleep hygiene for experiencing it daily. You can use the MILd technique or oneriogens for triggering lucidity every night.

Why do some people experience LD every night?


People who experience lucid dreams daily have a higher level of cognitive activities in their brains. Research published in the journal of Nature(2018) lucid dreaming. It is due to the high physiological activity between the frontopolar cortex and temporoparietal areas. It means that the parts of the brain responsible for interpreting the words, linguistics, and sentences develop an interaction with the organs of the brain processing external or internal stimuli. So, this elevated level of functioning within the brain brings vividness during sleep. So, a lucid dreamer can get lucid every night by increasing the cognitive activities in his brain.

Is it possible to train someone to induce lucid dreaming every night?


Scientific findings mention that 51 percent of the whole population experience lucid dreaming only once in their lifetime. Scientists have not yet found out how to train someone to experience LD. But some researchers report that controlling your dreams is possible. For example, Dr. Denholm aspy says that some techniques can increase the chances of lucid dreaming every night. Here are some ways recommended by Dr. Aspy to train yourself for lucid dreaming:

Reality checks

Doing frequent reality checks helps to trigger lucidity every night.

Wake back to bed

According to this technique, the dreamer must force himself to wake up after sleeping for five hours. After walking for 20-30 minutes, he must sleep again to enter the REM cycle.

Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams

This method compels the dreamers to wake up after five hours and go to bed again. But this time, you must remember that you need to remember the dreams.

Is lucid dreaming every night good for health?


Experts say that frequent lucid dreaming may expose you to the diseases like schizophrenia or Paranoia. It is because elevated levels of brain activity during LD blues the borderline between reality and dream for a dreamer. It is harmful to the health of a person. You can use lucid dreaming for Physical or mental rehabilitation. But it's not healthy to experience it every night.

The final verdict is that although you can train yourself to induce LD daily, you must keep things in balance for beneficial results.

Science is an acquisition of reliable knowledge. In contrast, the scientific method has proven to be the most reliable and successful method of thinking in human history. It consists of empiricism, rationalism and scepticism.

When anyone asks about some precise process, techniques, research, etc., the only reply is scientific research. Scientists work day and night to complete research on a topic and then provide authentic results beneficial for laymen.

Now, to this extent, you know much about lucid dreaming and its techniques. But here, we discuss three science proven techniques that are more advantageous for beginner lucid dreamers. Without using all the strategies of lucid dreaming, beginners go through this article and practice these techniques to get lucid dreams.

Scientific Research About Three Proven Techniques


Dr Denholm Aspy tested three popular lucid dreaming techniques at the University of Adelaide and found all of them are helpful to improve the chance of successful lucid dreaming. According to the study, reality testing (RT), wake back to bed (WBTB), and the mnemonic induction of lucid dreams technique (MILD) are the three most favourable lucid dreaming induction techniques.

In this study, 169 participants completed a pretest questionnaire and baseline sleep and dream recall logbook for week 1 and practised lucid dreaming techniques for week 2. After the experiment and study on lucid dreaming for 2 weeks, the researchers declared that for inducing lucid dreams, results showed that the combination of reality testing, WBTB and the MILD technique was significant.

Brief Introduction of Three Techniques


Reality testing, Wake back to bed, and mnemonic induction of lucid dream is the best techniques and scientifically proven for those who want to experience it. So there is a brief introduction of these techniques given below:

1. Reality Testing


Reality testing is the most common and anecdotal method. It includes actively testing the environment around us to stop inconsistencies, whether in a dream or reality. Keep practising sufficiently every day, so this technique makes us aware that we are dreaming.

2. Wake Back to Bed (WBTB)


Waking back to bed (WBTB) needs more dedication and control to achieve lucid dreams.

It starts with setting the alarm for five hours after sleep. When the alarm rings, the participants stay awake for a while before going back to sleep. At this stage, most of the time, people enter REM sleep where dreaming happens. It is the conscious activity of waking up to go through awareness of the dream state.

3. Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams (MILD)


Mnemonic induction of lucid dream is to read a verse before sleeping. In this technique, the participant also has to expect to remember that he is dreaming intentionally. The MILD approach also works as "prospective memory", which means remembering things in the future.



Research is the life of science. When scientists research lucid dreams, the results take them closer to evolving highly effective lucid dream induction techniques. These studies are also helpful for treating nightmares and improving physical skills and abilities through effective lucid dreaming techniques.

Several scientific findings showed that video gaming helps induce lucid dreams. Gackenbach researched in 2006 the connection between video games and LD. A plethora of other Different types of Video games and lucid dreaming highlights the fundamental reasons why gamers have more probability of experiencing lucid dreams.

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