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It is exciting to know that different botanical keys are available to induce lucid dreams. Nature has gifted us with Oneriogens (Onerio means dream and gen mean to generate) to experience LD vividly. These are a class of herbs that act as allies for LD and assist in better exploration of the imaginary world.

Oneriogens were get used for a long time in ancient Mexico and South Africa. The population of those areas used these dream plants in their rituals to get vivid and intensive dream activity. Since then, it has been customary to use different oneriogens for visiting mysterious sites while sleeping.

In short, oneriogens are herbal agents that assist in psychological therapy during LD. However, keep in mind, oneriogens themselves do not act as emotional healers. These special herbs help a person to induce LD. So, it is the lucid dream that eventually helps the dreamer deal with his psychological issues.

Which type of oneriogens is helpful for lucid dreaming?

Several dream plants were common in Australia, Mexico, Amazon, South Africa for inducing dreams. The details of some herbs possessing oneriogenic properties are here for guidance:


If you are passionate about lucid dreaming, you must try Mugwort. A Famous herbalist named Mathew wood considered the flowers of this plant as a magical herb. So, it is an effective dream inducer that also helps to remember the dreams.


Kwazulu natives of south Africa recommend this herb for inducing profound dreams. Imphepho acts as a strong sedative that improves consciousness during LD. So, herbalists recommend this botanical herb for getting meditation and crystal-clear dreams.

Calea zacatechichi

Calea zacatechichi is also well-known with the names dream herb or leaf of god. Scientific findings are available that this herbal agent has remarkable dream-inducing power. Moreover, it also enables the dreamer to develop colourful dreams.

Several other dream plants also include Silene capensis, Gingko Biloba, Nymphea blue, Passiflora, etc. Everyone has their efficacy that may help out a person to induce dreams. So, you may select the one that suits your stomach and temperament.

Ginkgo Biloba

It is another dream plant that directly affects brain functioning. A lucid dreamer becomes more alert and conscious during LD after using a herbal tea or potion containing Ginkgo Biloba.

How to use oneriogens for inducing lucid dreaming?

The induction of lucid dreams is achievable by using the following ways to use oneriogens to get more indulged in the dreaming state.

Internal Usage

Some plants like Calea zacatechichi, peppermint, valerian root, and Ginkgo Biloba are best for use in the form of tea, tincture, or coffee. Another way of using oneriogens internally is to take a capsule of the dried and ground leaves.

External Usage

External uses of the dream plants involve placing the fired leaves or flowers under the bed or in the pillowcase. Mugwort, Datura, and Burdock are placeable in the pillowcase for enjoying vivid and prophetic dreams. Another way of using these herbs is by using organic extracts of oneriogens plants or sniffing their odour.


Some peoples have a God-gifted ability to dream lucidly, while others may not have. So, oneriogens plants are a miraculous gift of nature to induce LD. If you are poor at experiencing lucid dreams, you can use these dream plants extracts for improving your dream state.


The general stats show that people experience lucid dreams spontaneously, and this spontaneous induction occurs many times during a week. However, there are different variations in that data because 20% percent of people experience it once a month. But, naturally, some people may experience lucid dreaming every night, and such dreamers work to train their minds to induce lucidity.

Lucid dreaming experts say that lucid dreaming every night is a God-gifted ability, and if someone can induce LD daily, he is a natural lucid dreamer. However, you can also train yourself to induce lucid dreams every night by adopting different ways. For example, you can keep a sleep journal with yourself and maintain sleep hygiene for experiencing it daily. You can use the MILd technique or oneriogens for triggering lucidity every night.

Why do some people experience LD every night?


People who experience lucid dreams daily have a higher level of cognitive activities in their brains. Research published in the journal of Nature(2018) lucid dreaming. It is due to the high physiological activity between the frontopolar cortex and temporoparietal areas. It means that the parts of the brain responsible for interpreting the words, linguistics, and sentences develop an interaction with the organs of the brain processing external or internal stimuli. So, this elevated level of functioning within the brain brings vividness during sleep. So, a lucid dreamer can get lucid every night by increasing the cognitive activities in his brain.

Is it possible to train someone to induce lucid dreaming every night?


Scientific findings mention that 51 percent of the whole population experience lucid dreaming only once in their lifetime. Scientists have not yet found out how to train someone to experience LD. But some researchers report that controlling your dreams is possible. For example, Dr. Denholm aspy says that some techniques can increase the chances of lucid dreaming every night. Here are some ways recommended by Dr. Aspy to train yourself for lucid dreaming:

Reality checks

Doing frequent reality checks helps to trigger lucidity every night.

Wake back to bed

According to this technique, the dreamer must force himself to wake up after sleeping for five hours. After walking for 20-30 minutes, he must sleep again to enter the REM cycle.

Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams

This method compels the dreamers to wake up after five hours and go to bed again. But this time, you must remember that you need to remember the dreams.

Is lucid dreaming every night good for health?


Experts say that frequent lucid dreaming may expose you to the diseases like schizophrenia or Paranoia. It is because elevated levels of brain activity during LD blues the borderline between reality and dream for a dreamer. It is harmful to the health of a person. You can use lucid dreaming for Physical or mental rehabilitation. But it's not healthy to experience it every night.

The final verdict is that although you can train yourself to induce LD daily, you must keep things in balance for beneficial results.

Science is an acquisition of reliable knowledge. In contrast, the scientific method has proven to be the most reliable and successful method of thinking in human history. It consists of empiricism, rationalism and scepticism.

When anyone asks about some precise process, techniques, research, etc., the only reply is scientific research. Scientists work day and night to complete research on a topic and then provide authentic results beneficial for laymen.

Now, to this extent, you know much about lucid dreaming and its techniques. But here, we discuss three science proven techniques that are more advantageous for beginner lucid dreamers. Without using all the strategies of lucid dreaming, beginners go through this article and practice these techniques to get lucid dreams.

Scientific Research About Three Proven Techniques


Dr Denholm Aspy tested three popular lucid dreaming techniques at the University of Adelaide and found all of them are helpful to improve the chance of successful lucid dreaming. According to the study, reality testing (RT), wake back to bed (WBTB), and the mnemonic induction of lucid dreams technique (MILD) are the three most favourable lucid dreaming induction techniques.

In this study, 169 participants completed a pretest questionnaire and baseline sleep and dream recall logbook for week 1 and practised lucid dreaming techniques for week 2. After the experiment and study on lucid dreaming for 2 weeks, the researchers declared that for inducing lucid dreams, results showed that the combination of reality testing, WBTB and the MILD technique was significant.

Brief Introduction of Three Techniques


Reality testing, Wake back to bed, and mnemonic induction of lucid dream is the best techniques and scientifically proven for those who want to experience it. So there is a brief introduction of these techniques given below:

1. Reality Testing


Reality testing is the most common and anecdotal method. It includes actively testing the environment around us to stop inconsistencies, whether in a dream or reality. Keep practising sufficiently every day, so this technique makes us aware that we are dreaming.

2. Wake Back to Bed (WBTB)


Waking back to bed (WBTB) needs more dedication and control to achieve lucid dreams.

It starts with setting the alarm for five hours after sleep. When the alarm rings, the participants stay awake for a while before going back to sleep. At this stage, most of the time, people enter REM sleep where dreaming happens. It is the conscious activity of waking up to go through awareness of the dream state.

3. Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams (MILD)


Mnemonic induction of lucid dream is to read a verse before sleeping. In this technique, the participant also has to expect to remember that he is dreaming intentionally. The MILD approach also works as "prospective memory", which means remembering things in the future.



Research is the life of science. When scientists research lucid dreams, the results take them closer to evolving highly effective lucid dream induction techniques. These studies are also helpful for treating nightmares and improving physical skills and abilities through effective lucid dreaming techniques.

Several scientific findings showed that video gaming helps induce lucid dreams. Gackenbach researched in 2006 the connection between video games and LD. A plethora of other Different types of Video games and lucid dreaming highlights the fundamental reasons why gamers have more probability of experiencing lucid dreams.

Thursday, 03 March 2022

Can You Lucid Dream in 5 Minutes?

The induction of lucid dreams instantly is not easier for newbies. Proper training of the brain and personal willingness counts a lot for triggering lucid dreams. If you want to lucid dream in a few minutes, you need to rehearsal for it for 2-3 weeks. After long-term practise, your brain will be efficient enough to dream lucidly.

In addition to rehearsal, it also depends on how long you take to enter into a REM sleep cycle. Scientific research reports that a human takes 90 minutes to enter a REM cycle, which lasts only for 5 minutes. As lucid dreams usually appear in the rapid eye movement stage, it might be difficult for a person to lucid dream in 5 minutes.

However, some articles report that lucid dreaming in 5 minutes is possible using a conventional technique called 90ILD.

How does 90ILD help to induce lucid dreams in 5 minutes?

Keep in mind that 90ILD is not a scientifically proven method of LD. It is a layman’s technique that may take more than 5 minutes. In this technique, you need to set alarms every 90 minutes. It gets done so that you don’t enter the REM cycle. You can divide your whole sleep into 4-5 chunks of ninety minutes. In this way, when you sleep in the last chunk, you will have a lucid dream in five minutes. In the end section, your REM sleep cycle will prolong than 5 minutes, and it will help you to induce LD.

How to train your brain to lucid dream in 5 minutes?

Lucid dream practitioners recommend different techniques for the instant induction of lucid dreams. A lucid dreamer must have an inner quest for lucid dreaming. For this, he must prepare his room like LD. One can paste different posters of his video games or thrilling movies that he wants to dream about. Your sleeping bed must be comfortable enough, and you can use different oneriogens for triggering lucid dreams. Another tactic for inducing lucid dreams is the wake back to bed tactic. A research report that 1-4 months of practice will help you dream instantly.

Is lucid dreaming in 5 minutes effective?

Although lucid dreaming in five minutes is doable, it may not provide you with the potential benefits. You can have a shared dream instantly in five minutes, but it is not sure that dream will be hundred percent lucid. So, you will not be able to drive the events according to your choice in just five minutes, and it will make you tenser rather than calm you.

Another reason for the ineffectiveness of instant lucid dreams is such dreams get distorted easily because a sleep of just five minutes is not profound and finishes immediately.

The endnote is that the exact nuance of lucid dreaming is enjoyable only if you meditate for 3-4 hours. Do not experience this productive activity in a rush. Most of the recommended techniques for lucid dreaming demands you a lot of time. So, follow those techniques rather than choose conventional ways.

Tuesday, 08 February 2022

Lucid Dreaming Experts: Writers

We are living in an era where digitalisation happened all around the world. The need for studying books remains the same. But today, we used gadgets to read instead of reading directly from books. Now, the writers adopt different styles and techniques to communicate their ideas in words.

Mostly the skilled writers used their words to express their ideas and contributed to the cultural content of the nation. In this article, you will know how the writers contributed to the community via lucid dreaming. You will also introduce popular writers whose lucid dreaming enriches their ideas and writes promising ways to attract their readers.

Are Lucid Dreams Beneficial for the Writers?

Yes, lucid dreams are beneficial for writers. According to the public's desire, writers generate different forms of creative writing and literary arts, e.g. fiction, poetry, stories, screenplays, teleplays, songs, essays, non-fiction writing, reports and news articles. Writers take lucid dreams purposefully and discover new content. Lucid dreaming is a way to impact the creativity of writers in a spick and span manner.

Popular Writers and Expert Lucid Dreamers

Here we discuss some expert writers who used concepts from LD to contribute to their writing.


  • Daniel Love

Daniel Love is an internationally recognised lucid dreaming author and researcher as well. He is the author of many books on the topic of lucid dreaming.

He is also the founder of International Lucid Dreaming the Day. He is also the inventor of many lucid dreaming techniques. He has an aim to practice lucid dreaming reality and know the science behind them.

  • William Styron

William Styron was a novelist and essayist and won major awards, and he was also a lucid dreamer. His famous story "Sophie's Choice" in 1979 came to him during a lucid dream. In 1980, the story won the National Book Award and was nominated for the film version in 1982. In 1985, he suffered from serious depression and n 1990, Styron wrote: "Darkness Visible" actually based on awareness of depression and mental disorder.

  • Robert Waggoner

Robert Waggoner is an author, psychologist, speaker and started his career as a lucid dreamer. Since 1975, he has been a lucid dreamer, the former president of the International Association of Dreams, and a co-editor of the online magazine "The Lucid Dreaming Experience".

So he experienced controlling their dreams, gave talks, and further contributed to lucid dreaming research and awareness. He wrote many books on lucid dreaming. Recently, a remarkable book titled: "Lucid dreaming: A gateway to inner self" was also written by R.Waggoner.

  • Charlie Morley

Charlie Morley is a writer, lucid dreaming teacher and renowned LD, expert. He is the co-creator of the book titled "Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep''. He conducts workshops and teaches lucid dreaming, its techniques, and mindfulness to eastern and western people.



Lucid dreaming plays an important role in unlocking creativity and aids in the generation of original ideas. Writers use these ideas and concepts to contribute to literary arts.

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Lucid Dreaming Books

"That's the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet."

Wednesday, 29 December 2021

How to use Mugwort for lucid dreaming?

Mugwort can enhance lucid dreams. It is a powerfully lucid dream herb that can make wonders for your dreaming experience. Here is all you need to know. Mugwort has given some of my most interesting dreams and lucid dream practices to several people. So those who want to dream more also need to understand how to use Mugwort for lucid dreaming?

Suppose you are a novice to induce lucid dreams and practising for long but failed to do it. You may also be surprised or a little worried about why you are unable to have lucid dreams. Beginner lucid dreamers don't know how to lucid dreams, how to practice and remain consistent.

Suppose you are reading a detective novel with your full attention; your brain is completely engaged during the reading. While reading, the brain is also involved in sorting out what, how and why, according to the story.

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