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Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Lucid Dreaming Books

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"That's the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet."


The caption of the article already gives a clue about books. Books are loyal like best friends. It is fascinating that when we read a book, we travel around the world while sitting in the same place. We are sitting at one place and advancing our ideas, imaginations and increasing our wisdom too.

But here, we discuss some fantastic books on lucid dreaming. However, those books will deliver you excellent and fascinating tips, cues and advice on achieving lucid dreams in your life. They also provide you with many adventures and exploration during your dream journey.

Some Lucid Dreaming Books with a Brief Introduction

The essential book for lucid dreaming is your dream journal. It is a crucial tool. The journal contains your unique and personal experience and the inner world of your dream.

There is no other book important than your dream journal, and it is necessary to get a dream journal before buying or reading other books.

1. Exploring The World of Lucid Dreams by Howard Rheingold & Stephen LaBerge

This is an exciting and must-read book for those who are interested in LD. It is a comprehensive guide with bestest techniques of the topic. It has a connection between dream psychology and a scientifically researched framework for trying lucid dreams.

2. Are You Dreaming? Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide by Daniel Love

This book is considered a successor of ETWOLD and a modern and detailed guide about lucid dreaming and contains a unique journey of pleasant exploration of your mind via the help of the writer. The subject of the book is conscious dreaming with the latest discoveries, researches and techniques etc. It is valuable for both initial and advanced dreamers.

3. Dreams And The Ways to Direct Them Practical Observations by Marquis de Hervey de Saint-Denys.

The first book on lucid dreaming is an extraordinarily well written and engaging book with a fascinating journey into history and dreams. It was also published in French in 1867. It reveals a real passion for dreams and the power of a dream journaling book. As it is the first book in history but still has a massive amount of productive material.

4. Advanced Lucid Dreaming the Power of Supplements by Thomas Yuschak

This is the only book on the topic of lucid dreaming supplements in detail. "Advanced Lucid Dreaming" by Thomas Yuschak's short-lived company offered lucid dreaming training with supplements. His research was motivating, inspiring and fascinating for the readers.

5. Lucid Dreaming New Perspective on Consciousness in Sleep by Ryan Hurd and Kelly Bulkeley

This is a perfectly-researched, extraordinarily collection and an ideal addition having variety for any lucid dreamer to treat himself. It is a two-volume set but the most expensive one.

It represents various experts' impressions on lucid dreaming across many different cultures that illustrate a span of disciplinary philosophies.


There are many other books on lucid dreaming, but due to limitations, some are discussed here. Every writer of mentioned books has their style and tries to convey as much to their readers.