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Monday, 20 September 2021

Role of herbs in lucid dreaming

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Role of herbs in lucid dreaming Associative picture from Unsplash

There is another world just like the real world. It is a world of dreams and the skill of lucid dreaming that allows you to have unique experiences. Still, you have more power to control activities and characters there. You can even experience some amazing things that are almost impossible in real life, like flying, being a celebrity, having a date with your favorite actor, and so on.

If you are already learning lucid dreaming, you might use techniques like FILD, MILD, or WILD combined with WBTB to induce a lucid dream, and it takes time to experience your first lucid dream. However, something can support you to lucid dream fast and increase the frequency of LD; as mentioned in the title, these are herbs. You will learn about herbs that are famous or proven to induce lucid dreams if you continue reading.

What is Herb’s Role in Lucid Dreaming?

Herbs are parts of herbaceous plants (plants that lack woody stem) such as leaves, flowers, seeds, or roots to add flavour, aroma, medicine, or food, but some herbs come from woody plants as well.

Herbs are used to improve dream recall, sleep quality, and dream intensity, and all of them are primary constituents to experience your first lucid dream or increase the frequency.

How to Intake Herbs to Induce Lucid Dreaming?

The herbs come in different forms, some people smoke them, and others brew them into tea. Usually, herbs have a bitter taste, and if it is hard for you to ingest them in such forms, alternate ways are available. You can put the leaves into gel capsules or buy an extract but keep in mind that extracts have a higher potency. You should reduce the dose if you are using an extract of a herb.

How many dosages of Herbs?

The best dose to start with is a minimal amount, although there are no specific guidelines.

However, according to a study, starting with 1 gram to 3 grams of dried leaves can be an effective dose at the start.

You can also get a better guideline from the vendors you buy; the thing to remember here is there insufficient scientific evidence behind these.

Which are famous Lucid Dreaming Herbs?

A common misconception about herbs is that they have some magical impact on lucid dreaming. Of course, they help, and some are proven from studies, but there are two things to keep in mind. First, not everything works for everyone, and second, there is too much hype about some of the dreaming herbal products available in the market and online.

Here is a list of herbs that play a vital role if you use them in any form to induce lucid dreams:

  • Mugwort improves dream recall and prolongs the duration of a dream.
  • Chamomile improves sleep quality.
  • Sun Opener clears the vision and enables the vividness of dreams.
  • The Blue Lotus improves sleep quality and increases the intensity of optical imaginings.
  • Tian Men Dong improves sleep quality and relaxes.
  • Xhosa Dream Root increases the intensity of optical images during sleep.