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Thursday, 21 October 2021

Top Five Reasons: Why is Lucid Dreaming Getting Popular?

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Top Five Reasons: Why is Lucid Dreaming Getting Popular? Associative picture from Unsplash

During the pandemic COVID-19, lockdowns happened worldwide; people were restricted to their homes, some had jobs from homes, and some were jobless. During this lockdown, lucid Dreaming became more popular all around the world. In the global world, lucid Dreaming is not new for anyone; it is getting popular nowadays.

Social media contributes a lot towards increasing awareness of Lucid Dreaming. Firstly, people think that experiencing LD is not easy to learn, but they are enthusiastic about it when learning about the phenomenon. They want to master lucid Dreaming by practising different techniques to get benefits from them. There are some other reasons for the popularity of this concept, and some are discussed here.

Lucid Dreaming Helps Dreamers in Sorrow and Grief.

We think nothing behind when we lose our loved ones. Whether the death is sudden or predictable, we go into a shocking moment. So, lucid dreams work as psychological therapy for the living person. They enhance your ability for healing and grieve. The late individual didn't visit, but it is just a mind game for stability. Lucid dreams are miraculous experiences at that time to move on in our lives.

Lucid Dreaming Originates Unlimited Escapism and Independence.

Escapism is the purely one reason for most people to follow lucid dreams and build castles in the air. It is mainly avoidance from real-life thoughts. For having lucid dreams, freedom is ideally a motivation to fulfil our frustrated feelings and desires. You can opt for anything from your imagination so that you can assume your guided dream. It is almost a very creative discipline for many people who never achieved their desires can use Lucid Dreaming to complete their goals in the dream world.

Lucid Dreaming is a Reason for Physical Training of Real life.

The lucid dream world is entirely an ideal world to practice our daily life skills, e.g. playing the piano, mastering a game etc. Our procedural memory for fine muscle movements and efficiency is upgraded during lucid dreams. The person who dreams improved and refined his techniques for their skills much more rapidly before the dream experience. Practising any ability has a powerful impact on our real-world success.

Lucid Dreaming can be a Part of Advancement of New Human Era.

As lucid dreams enhance our capabilities, so if we use them with our careers, hobbies, personal lives and relationships, we may grow more and have a chance to develop extraordinary skills. If humans start working with lucid Dreaming, which deals with culture, art, sciences, technology etc., civilization will quickly evolve in a progressive direction. In addition, the human species enhance their abilities singly and universally.

LD Increases after Using Different Social Media Apps.

The advancement of technology and more social media apps set the trend toward more lucid Dreaming. Different apps like YouTube, Netflix, Tik Tok etc. are getting more content with information about LD. During the pandemic, people were bored and more curious about lucid Dreaming and used more apps for communication. According to Google, searches relevant to lucid dreams increased in a year by 90% during the lockdown.