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Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Why do People Take Lucid Dreaming as a Mysterious Phenomenon?

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Why do People Take Lucid Dreaming as a Mysterious Phenomenon? Associative picture from Unsplash

Suppose you are reading a detective novel with your full attention; your brain is completely engaged during the reading. While reading, the brain is also involved in sorting out what, how and why, according to the story.

A detective novel includes a crime, a detective person and suspects; detective people solve crime mystery. These mysteries are found everywhere around us in our daily life. Some mysteries are profound, and some are very simple and easy to figure out.

However, some people take lucid dreaming as a mysterious phenomenon. This is because half of the world's population experience lucid dreaming only one time in their life. Although, some people experience lucid dreaming many times in a month. Most dreams are forgotten instantly, or even some people forget that they see a dream at night. It depends upon the mental abilities of the person.

Neuroscience Behind Lucid Dreaming as Mystery

The neuroscience behind consciousness, sleep and dreams are still puzzles for humans; that's why they take these phenomena as a mystery. But scientists studied and experimented with these concepts to get more understanding.

As we already know that lucid dreaming occurs during REM sleep. So, REM sleep is associated with increased activity in the frontal region of the brain. The frontal areas of the brain are associated with high order cognitive functioning. Scientists work a lot, but a lot more research is required about neuroscience to develop a complete understanding of lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming as Mastery not Mysterious Phenomenon

Lucid dreaming is a mastery approach for frequent lucid dreamers. For frequent lucid dreamers, it is fun and experience gaining time; they can better understand themselves. It is a world where they can chat with themselves, identify their fears, overcome them and take major decisions without any interference.

It is a territory where a frequent dreamer can do whatever he wants, he can't do it in the real world, and he can mould the dream according to his will. He practices and rehearses things that he faces the next day in the real world with the same people and environment. Lucid dreams are also used to increase their creativity. It's a safe place for any experiment without distraction. So after mastery over lucid dreaming, it is not a mysterious phenomenon for people.

Induction Devices and Medications for Lucid Dreaming

Some induction devices are used for lucid dreaming that is very helpful to become lucid quickly without any practice or training. Headbands, wrist bands, and eye masks are used as induction devices. Some software and apps are further useful for lucid dreaming. They enhance lucid dreaming by playing background music, some beats etc. Galantamine and Vitamin B6 are used as medication to enhance lucid dreams.


LD is the natural 3D version of the real world where we get any experience and experiment without any investment and loss, as we spend our ⅓ of our whole life sleeping. You can solve many of your shortcomings when you understand and practise lucid dreaming and do not take them as a mysterious phenomenon. So, your sleeping time also remains beneficial for you without hesitation.