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Friday, 08 October 2021

Why Lucid Dreaming Videos on TikTok Getting Popular

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Why Lucid Dreaming Videos on TikTok Getting Popular Associative picture from Unsplash

We are living in an era where the mobile phone is considered as the basic necessity for living. The mobile phone users are not limited to an area, but the spread is worldwide like lucid dreaming.

Mobile phones and other such gadgets allow us to entertain ourselves and at the same time, we can use them to gain information. Countless apps are available for entertainment and information; some of them are more popular, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube etc.

An entertainment platform that is now converting to an education and information platform is TikTok. You can find content from any field of life on TikTok, even for lucid dreaming. Although LD is a concept behind many popular movies and songs but still it's a new concept to many. The number of likes and shares of LD videos increase exponentially because people want to know more about LD and its induction ways.

The role and popularity of TikTok

Tiktok gained popularity very quickly due to its short video content style. This android and iOS app was launched in 2016 by a Chinese company and became famous for making and sharing short videos with music and various filters.

The concept is to capture the world's creative knowledge and rare moments in someone's life in video and directly from mobile phone devices and other similar gadgets. Over the time, it's becoming an addiction for both its users, either creators or viewers.

Lucid Dreaming Content on Tiktok

As mentioned above, TikTok is converting to an educational and informational platform as viewers get more information in a short time and more creative ways.

Like many other informational topics, lucid dreaming videos are getting popular on Tiktok. Here are links to some popular videos.

The title of the video is "Have you ever had a lucid dream? How does it feel?" This video got 101.5k likes.

This video is about "How to have a lucid dream tonight using the MILD technique?". This video has 71.0k likes.

The video title is "How to lucid dreaming". This video got 48.7k likes.

This video is about "the top 10 next things to do while LD". This video has 72.8k likes.

The title of this video is "How to control your dreams tonight (without any experience)?". This video has 231.8k likes.

Why are LD Videos Popular on Tiktok?

Dreams are part of our lives, and if you can control them to do anything that is not possible in this world, nothing is better than that. This is a significant reason that people are attracted to lucid dreaming videos on TikTok.

Viewers watch the induction methods, learn from LD experts, and apply the knowledge to practice LD. They don't have to spend time researching LD on the internet and getting the required information in short videos.

Technology is a part of our lives like dreams, and many creators provide informational content about LD. However, it's our responsibility to check the authenticity of content before applying it.