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Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Youtube and Lucid Dreaming

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Youtube and Lucid Dreaming Associative picture from Unsplash

Youtube has been an excellent platform for learning different skills and getting information. It is because visual content is more helpful in understanding and memorizing a concept. Moreover, some people prefer animated videos on written blogs for gaining knowledge. During the covid-19 pandemic, the worth of YouTube increased in many fields because several institutions transferred their courses to online mediums. That is why the different institutes of lucid dreaming also started using youtube to teach people lucid dreaming. Several youtube channels teach how to experience lucid dreaming and the potential applications of using LD. Another benefit of using YouTube for learning lucid dreaming is that you can attend live streamings of different LD experts and ask live questions. Reading comments below the videos helps increase your exposure to the online community of lucid dreaming. Moreover, animated videos can better explain the brain's functioning during LD.

What are the best Youtube Lucid Dreaming Channels?


Many youtube channels provide a complete guide to lucid dreaming, its induction techniques, and uses. Here are a few recommended and ranked channels that give quality content:

  • James S Bray is a lucid dreaming expert and experiences frequent lucid dreaming every night. He claims that he can enjoy 4-5 dreams per night. He shares his expertise and usage of different induction techniques on his YouTube channel regarding lucid dreaming. The viewers can ask questions and clear their confusion regarding LD. The channel run by James is Beyond Lucid Dreaming, and more than 100 videos on different aspects of lucid dreaming are available on the channel. James also wrote a book named New horizons of lucid dreaming-techniques and perspectives for lucid practitioners. So, you can go for his videos to master the technique of lucid dreaming.
  • Dr. Stephen Laberge also highlights different aspects of lucid dreaming in his videos on a YouTube channel named Science and nonduality. He dialogues with various experts to describe the unveiled concepts of LD. If you are still confused about the actual mechanism of lucid dreaming and cannot differentiate between awareness and consciousness, you can check his videos regarding this concept.

What are some Best Youtube videos on Lucid Dreaming?


Here is the list of some top-rated videos regarding LD:

  • Lucid dreaming presentation is the video of a symposium in which Dr. Stephen Laberge explained Sleep consciousness and lucid dreaming in texas.
  • If you are interested in movies portraying lucid dreaming, go for this video. It explains briefly the behind her eyes and then describes the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. Some facts about lucid dreaming are also available in the video.
  • Another excellent video on lucid dreaming is the animated content that presents the brain's functioning and mechanisms during the REM sleep cycle. The video also verifies the authenticity of lucid dreaming by sharing different research articles.


So, lucid dreamers must watch youtube videos demonstrating the induction techniques and the mechanism. Moreover, if you are an audiophile, you can also search on YouTube regarding different audiobooks on the topic of lucid dreaming.