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Monday, 08 May 2023

Lucid Dreaming and Reality Shifting Hypnosis

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Lucid Dreaming and Reality Shifting Hypnosis Associative picture from Unsplash

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic intrigued the people to escape their reality. Nowadays, People are trying to visit virtual realms like Hogwarts and Star Wars by using reality-shifting hypnosis. Even a hashtag #Draco Malfoy got very famous this year in which the tiktokers claimed that they visited the harry potter world. The most common way of reality shifting is to use lucid dreaming. Another method of reality shifting is an astral projection-another out-of-body experience. However, keep in mind that scientists are still figuring out the logical mechanism of both. If someone wants to use LD for reality shifting, he must plan to enjoy an intense experience. Personal willingness and meditation can only help in the creation of another reality. Katie Walters, an online editor, says that the situation of lockdown has compelled people to design another realm, and that's why this trend got immense popularity in the last year.

Lucid Dreaming Shifting


If you are an expert Lucid dreamer, you must know that a lucid dreamer can drive the events in his dreams the way he wants. He can manipulate things and control the steering wheel of his dreams. A skillful LD practitioner is an omnipotent person with remarkable powers. However, if you want to use lucid dreaming for reality-shifting hypnosis, you must not use your superpowers for specific reasons.

12 Steps Formula for Lucid Dreaming Reality Shifting


Here are the most significant 12 steps for using LD to shift reality:

  1. A crystal clear idea of the reality you want to experience is essential before going into a lucid dream. So, pen down the events you want to shift while awakening.
  2. The reality you wish to shift must comply with the laws of nature. It means that you can only change the events into something possible. For example, getting wealth, marrying a beautiful partner, having a large house is enjoyable through reality shifting. However, you cannot shift to a reality opposite to the laws of nature and something magical. You cannot be the king of planet earth.
  3. Visualize your dream before going to sleep and define a basic outline of what you want to experience.
  4. Whenever you go to sleep, start creating the LD environment you outline while awakening.
  5. Practice the possible events in your dream. If you want to shift to another real or waking world, you must imagine possible things. So, you cannot use your omnipotent dream powers to make impractical things possible.
  6. Use lucid dreaming and your consciousness to live in the moment you imagined.
  7. Act normally and don't unfollow the laws of physics like moving a mountain or hovering over clouds. The purpose of reality shifting is to enjoy the things that are practically achievable in real life. So, enjoying magical things will destroy the purpose of the event.
  8. Try to remain calm and consistent while sleeping.
  9. Enjoy your new reality the way you would want it in actuality.
  10. Assure your mind that you experienced a future event while Dreaming.
  11. Keep repeating your dreams until you shift your reality.
  12. You can change the minute things in a dream but keep your idea the same. Changing the whole scenario will negate the purpose and actual feeling of reality shifting.



So, lucid dreaming is a great way to shift your reality, and the only need is to choose a proper channel for reality shifting.