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Monday, 13 September 2021

How to increase Lucid Dreaming?

As a novice lucid dreamer, you might be aware of the fact that more than 50% of people experience lucid dreams at least once in a lifespan, and 25% are those who experience subsequent every month. However, when it comes to frequent lucid dreaming, only 1% of lucid dreamers experience it weekly or daily. The exceptionality of frequent lucid dreamers is a big hurdle in conducting focused scientific experiments and studies.

Thursday, 09 September 2021

Why does Lucid Dreaming Occur?

Everyone is inspired and mesmerized by the dream world; even some outrageous events of our lives occur during dreams. Dreams occur when you close your eyes and slip through your awaken state to another realm state. Based on brain activity during sleep state, scientific research shows that your brain is active like awaken state, where dreams occur.

Human history is packed with wonders, miracles, and revelations; current diverse modernization proves it. Scientists, inventors, musicians, and artists incorporated their most extraordinary ideas that made remarkable progression towards improved life prospects. Some of these incredible discoveries are the consequence of a dream. How can that be, you ask? Let's explore.

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Can Anybody Lucid Dream?

Dreams are fascinating experiences, usually observed during the REM stage of sleep by everyone. Most dreams are forgotten the following day, and more often than not, only the last dream can be recalled. Some people have a feeling of consciousness even in their dreams; this consciousness is particular to dreams through the REM stage of sleep, and it is termed the lucid dream.

Your dreaming mysteries in your head can have multitudes of living beings, and you can control them just like a movie director. Do you know that many artists hone their skills; they accomplish it through practicing dream recall. Dream recall is not a first-hand imprint for lucid dreamers, but yes, it’s an innovative theory if you are a novice to this amazing dream world full of fantastic experiments.

Inception is a thriller sci-fi movie that gives a cinematic portrayal of a dream world, the concept of a world in which dreamers are conscious, influence, and control dreams. Inception is a brain-twisted story of lucid dreamers; they can steal ideas and secrets from other dreamers' subconscious and learn to manipulate dreams.

You are interested in lucid dreaming – a beginner in the practice or a pro; you might be looking for the best things to do during lucid dreaming. As a previously lucid dreamer, you would be experiencing fantastic exercises during your lucid dream.

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

What is the state of dreaming called?

Dreams are a fascinating experience, and sleeping would be very dull without them. Dreaming state is not limited to adults. It is more frequent at a young age and decreases over time. Researches show that an average person can have 3 to 6 dreams per night, and 95% of dreams are forgotten the following morning.

There was a time when the concept of induced lucid dreaming and even lucid dreaming was unfamiliar and rarely discussed. Over the recent years, increased awareness of lucid dreaming and ways to induce it is noticeable, along with advanced research and surveys.

Wednesday, 11 August 2021

What is OBE (Out of Body Experience)?

Many people have an out-of-body experience or a feeling that things sound and seem unreal at some point. This feeling is quite disturbing, and the sufferer may feel like leaving their body for good.

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