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Thursday, 02 September 2021

Health benefits of Lucid Dreaming

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"Health is wealth" is A quote describing the value of anyone's health. You can do anything in your life until and unless it affects your health; the same is true when thinking about lucid dreaming. You might come across some myths related to lucid dreaming's effects on human health; however, the truth is the opposite!

Several types of research prove that dreams play an imperative role in physical and mental health improvements. Researchers claim that you can heal health issues through controlling your dreams, i.e., lucid dreaming. You can get more information about these researches if you continue reading this article.

Lucid Dreaming

A lucid dream (LD) is a type of dream when the dreamer is aware of the dream and gains control of it. Lucid dreaming can be impulsive or induced through different techniques. It's discussed more frequently nowadays but is not a new concept; instead, history is full of discoveries and inventions during a lucid dream.

Research and Studies

  • In a study conducted by Jones and Stumbrys in 2014, sports students who experienced LD had higher mental health and perceived themselves as physically fit.
  • In another study, the prospect of an easier motor task working in a lucid dream was researched. This study showed that practice in a lucid dream could heighten the performance of rehearsed skills in wakefulness.
  • Dr Aspy, Visiting Research Faculty Member in the University's School of Psychology, studied inducing lucid dreams through different techniques. With other results, he also concluded that lucid dreaming did not negatively affect sleep quality.
  • Rush University Medical Center in the US researched and recommended that dreaming may help lighten depression.
  • Another study was conducted with participants who were not allowed to experience a dream. It was observed that there was an increased risk of health issues. Although, it could have been related to the lack of REM sleep.

Health benefits of Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams have various health benefits, both spiritual and corporal.

Dealing with Nightmares

Lucid dreams are used as a therapy for patients with excessive recurrences of nightmares. A nightmare is a distressing dream with some negative feelings. Patients learn to turn their nightmares into lucid dreams; it brings positivity to their dreams.

Treating Sleep Paralysis

People who experience sleep paralysis can turn it into a lucid dream. In sleep paralysis, you are awake, but you can't move for some time even if you want. It is similar to lucid dreaming when you are aware that you are awake, but you are in a dream.

Treatment of Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder; patients have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep the whole night. Lucid dreaming can be an approach for treating insomniac patients.

Enhance performance

As mentioned above, research states that practicing motor skills in a lucid dream can improve subsequent performance. This is because part of your brain will be active, similar to being awake.

The Health benefits of lucid dreaming are revealed every other day through different researches and studies. But still, conducting more serious studies can play a vital role in see-through numerous hidden health benefits of lucid dreaming.

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