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Tuesday, 28 June 2022

How Long Does it Take to Have Lucid Dreams?

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How Long Does it Take to Have Lucid Dreams? Associative picture from Pexels

Developing your habits in hours or days is not feasible, and having a lucid dream is like adopting a routine. You need to train your mind, body, and brain to lucid dream. There is no magic to happen; you need to keep patience and show your dedication until you achieve your first lucid dream.

So, firstly, you must know that if you've only been trying to have a lucid dream for about one week, that's not long enough. Typically, it will take time from the initial point when you first start learning about lucid dreaming to the point where you can have reliable lucid dreams. You will learn in this article about the time it will take to have your first lucid dream and some factors that will help you achieve it.

What Does Science Say?


According to some research, this process can take up to six months or even longer. That's not something many of you want to hear, but that's just the truth.

It can take a long time to build up these new habits. If you're dedicated and apply to yourself (whatever you learn), do as much effort and research and practice as you can. You can have lucid dreams up to a month from when you start. But usually, it takes six months or more. Now obviously, if you would like to have lucid dreams after a month of practice only, you need to understand its factors.

How to Achieve Lucid Dreams Quickly?

Beyond that one week, all you need to know is not a lot of time expecting to have reliable lucid dreams. There are multiple factors behind this, and some are inevitable; like having a good grip of invention recalling or reducing distraction in lucid dreams with the help of meditation is equally mandatory.

Why Does Dream Recall So Necessary?


Usually, people find it hard to remember what they did the last night or dreamed. If they can't even remember they're normal dreams, they have no chance of having a lucid dream. So always, the first step is to practice your dream recall. You can achieve this through maintaining a dream journal to remember them. Because by actually telling your brain that you want to remember them, you want to train yourself to recognise them more, and eventually, it becomes like a snowball effect.

Why and How Meditation Works?


The next step while trying to have the first lucid dream, which is the hardest one, is to reduce distraction somehow to remember your dream as much as possible. There are many tools to achieve it, but an essential one is practising meditation, and it works nicely and helps rapid induction of lucid dreams.

Now, what meditation does? It is like tuning you out from the noise of the world and focusing on your mind only. You put yourself back in your head; it's the way to a place where your thoughts aren't in control of what you're doing.

It's all about your dedication, patience, and consistent effort towards achieving a lucid dream. There is no magic, but sincere efforts can do wonders for you to experience your first lucid dream.