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What happens during a dream has been a mystery for scientists for a long time. A general perception is that sleepers are unable to perceive the questions of a person while dreaming. They are unable to find out the actual reasoning behind dreaming. But, nowadays, scientists have proved that two-way communication is possible with a person experiencing LD.

Lucid dreaming is getting famous due to its increasing productive benefits. In today’s fast paced world where people try to use short paths to achieve their goals, LD is a solution to accomplish them while sleeping. People are learning to induce LD and to be productive.

Do you feel that you have a strong imagination and can imagine something strange that has never happened in your life? For example, some people think to

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Top 5 Herbs for Lucid Dreaming

Herbs have been part of human’s life since human existence. They have numerous benefits and are without any side effects. People from an old school of thought prefer herbal treatments over allopathic medicines, and it’s not limited to treatments. Herbs have many other limitless applications, and one of them is related to dream consciousness.

Have you ever gone to a room and thought about why I was here? Do you remember what you were thinking in the early morning when you were brushing? These things happen with everyone as we are human beings; our mind wanders in thinking unnecessary for us. Most of the time, you discard that nonessential information from your mind.

Looking at your physical body from outside, going through a quick flashback of your life events, and feeling like part of the light is more common than first thought. Around 10% of the population claims to pass through near-death experiences (NDEs); this often occurs during states of anesthesia-induced sleep or some accidental situations. These near-death experiences are famous worldwide, exist in all cultural backgrounds, and all age groups face them.

Friday, 01 October 2021

Is lucid dreaming only for fun?

There is nothing better than escaping to the other world with endless possibilities. Anything is possible if you are a skilled lucid dreamer. You can be a skilled lucid dreamer, but it will take time and regular practice.

Everyone has different experiences, either good or bad, throughout their life. It’s human nature that they want to experience everything that fantasies them, regardless of the risks or dangers involved in it. Usually, you get addicted to those activities that fulfil your wishes and give you satisfaction.

Some people dream about unique events that leave a significant impact on morning mode when they wake up. There are so many things like having a date with a celebrity or going on a world tour that you want to experience in your life, but you can't do that due to limitations. Lucid dreaming can help you to do everything that you can only think about in your real life.

Monday, 20 September 2021

Role of herbs in lucid dreaming

There is another world just like the real world. It is a world of dreams and the skill of lucid dreaming that allows you to have unique experiences. Still, you have more power to control activities and characters there. You can even experience some amazing things that are almost impossible in real life, like flying, being a celebrity, having a date with your favorite actor, and so on.

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