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Tuesday, 09 August 2022

How to start lucid dreaming?

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How to start lucid dreaming? Associative picture from Unsplash

Have you ever felt in the middle of your rest that you are dreaming? It is called lucid dreaming, and most people experience it from time to time, seemingly by accident. However, there are several things you can do to stimulate lucid dreams if they seem attractive to you. Read further the best tips on sleep and dreaming of starting lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams may occur naturally, but there are several ways how to start lucid dreaming more likely?

Following techniques help you to start lucid dreaming:

Check reality often

Take the habit of asking yourself if you're dreaming during the day, or even try to swipe your palm or launch yourself into flight.

In most cases, you will instantly recognize that this is the reality of waking, and you cannot climb into the air at will, but it will give you the habit of doubting your state of consciousness, which will increase the likelihood that you will do so in your sleep.

Sleep more to make dreams more likely

Of course, to achieve lucid dreams, one must reach REM sleep.

Avoid alcohol and other substances before going to bed that may inhibit dreaming, observe your sleep schedule, etc.

Use the power of suggestion.

When lucid dreaming was first scientifically confirmed, the suggestion seemed to be one of the most common practices to induce lucid sleep. To do this, clear your mind, relax and repeat one of the following statements to yourself until you start believing in it:

  • Tonight, in my sleep, I'll understand what I'm sleeping and become conscious.
  • Tonight in my sleep, when I see something strange, I realize I'm sleeping, and I recognize it.
  • I'm continuing to be more decisive of myself in my sleep today. When I notify something strange, I realize I'm sleeping, and I'll become aware.

Identify recurring ideas or signs in your dreams.

Do you have a recurring character or sleep theme that keeps popping up? You can use it as a trigger to become clear. "When you fall asleep, you can tell yourself: "The next time this well-known event happens in a dream, or I see this character who often appears, I realize I'm sleeping."

Take a nap

Sleep is usually easier than what we experience at night to contribute to clarity. When you fall asleep, "try to keep your mind awake and present in the dream world when you start to enter REM sleep," she says.

Think about your previous dreams

Mnemonic induction technology of lucid dreams (MILD) is a memory technique used to stimulate lucid dreams. Start by remembering your dreams, whether it's the night before or the one you just woke up from.

Think about the anomaly that occurred in a dream.

Visualize or imagine yourself returning to sleep, seeing this anomaly, becoming enlightened, and doing some action or the next step in this dream in a state of enlightenment.

Bottom line

Lucid dreaming is undoubtedly a fascinating and, for many an eye-opening experience. Although there are those, who are better off avoiding it, if you are at peace with your life, you may well try this practice with the right goals. Happy dreams!