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Friday, 20 August 2021

Top 5 Lucid Dreaming movies

Lucid dreaming is getting popular among dreamers, and there are also many lucid dreaming movies on the go.

You are awake and conscious about your physical presence, but you are completely frozen and unable to do any physical movement. You want to come out of this state and try to move your body but cannot do so. A sense of horror overwhelms you.

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Is Conscious Dreaming Possible?

Every morning you wake up with 95% of your dreams forgotten. Sometimes the content of your dreams may reflect waking ambitions or fears, but mostly dreams are random and out of conscious control.

Lucid dreams are sleep-awakening experiences when your brain is conscious about dreaming and can control the dream. These are fantastic experiences and occur mainly during REM sleep, characterized by eye movement and increased brain activity.

Sunday, 08 August 2021

Lucid Dreaming in Ancient Greece

Evidence about this phenomenon is not first-hand. Just like many other ancient cultures and civilizations, the concept of lucid dreaming was an integral part of ancient Greece philosophies. Greeks incorporated this phenomenon into the Greece culture by getting inspiration from Egyptian culture.

Lucid dreaming is an incredible experience in which you are conscious and control your dream during sleep. These are unique experiences –you can do anything, regardless of the risks and dangers. You can't even think of it in the real world: flying, jumping from a cliff, or meeting a celebrity.

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