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Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Is "Inception" portraying Lucid Dreaming accurately?

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Is "Inception" portraying Lucid Dreaming accurately? Associative picture from Pixabay

Inception is a thriller sci-fi movie that gives a cinematic portrayal of a dream world, the concept of a world in which dreamers are conscious, influence, and control dreams. Inception is a brain-twisted story of lucid dreamers; they can steal ideas and secrets from other dreamers' subconscious and learn to manipulate dreams.

The movie includes using chemical sleep injections to induce a lucid dream, the concept of shared lucid dreaming, and inception through lucid dreaming. All mentioned concepts are signified through special effects and mind-blowing actions. Although the movie is all about lucid dreams, the question here is, "Is "Inception" portraying lucid dreaming accurately?"

The world of lucid dreaming has been gaining popularity over the past two decades, and more studies are in progress to understand this concept. We will discuss different notions of inception to get the answer to our question.

The main idea is "Inception."

The movie is about its' name, "Inception," in which a lucid dreamer, Cobb, steals secrets and other information through subconscious dreams. Later on, he is approached by someone to plant an idea in a second party's CEO's subconscious by manipulating his dreams so that the CEO contemplates it as his vision learned in his dreams.

Nature of Dream's World

The characters of inception are addicted to lucid dreaming and use their ability to conduct criminal acts like stealing information and secrets. Cobb's lead character trains other dreamers to experience lucid dreams and how to alter their dreams accordingly. The crew works together to snatch secrets and confidential information from a dreamer's subconscious through extraction.

Artificial Induction of Lucid Dreams

Cobb meets a chemist who is an expert lucid dreamer and can induce lucid dreaming in ordinary people. He trains dreamers through different techniques and induces lucid dreams through a chemical injection, enabling them to have shared dreams. When induced with chemical injections, the characters can control their dreams and alter them.

Exceptions in Lucid Dreaming

Inception depicts the psychological conditions of lucid dreaming that even if the dreamer is aware of the dream and confident to control it, sometimes unexpected situations will interject in a lucid dream. There are certain dangers and risks involved in managing dreams.

The popularity of Lucid Dreaming

In reality, several lucid dreamers were unaware of their abilities or could not explain their lucid dreaming experiences; after inception was released, they were clear about their dreams. Existing lucid dreamers compared the lucid dreams in the movie to their dreams, and several dreamers started learning about lucid dreaming.

Soon after this movie, a study suggested that task-related processes through dreaming are associated with boosting outcomes compared to an awakened life. The mnemonics induced to CEO's mind through controlling his dream is similar to the concept of problem-solving through dreaming.

A dreamer can experience lucid dreams through practicing different techniques. And some drugs and devices can induce lucid dreaming during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, just like the chemical injection concept applied in this movie.

However, there are not enough studies and research to prove shared dreaming or controlling other's minds through lucid dreaming is possible.