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Tuesday, 16 November 2021

What are the challenges for beginner lucid dreamers?

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What are the challenges for beginner lucid dreamers? Associative picture from Unsplash

A recent statistic showed that 50 percent of the global population experience lucid dreaming. But people are trying to learn the art of lucid dreaming nowadays, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. Such people attend special workshops and pieces of training to induce LD. However, learning these skills is not so easy as it appears.

People pursue lucid dreaming for several reasons. Several people try lucid dreaming as therapy for psychological issues; others may develop this skill as entertainment. Whatever the purpose may be, but the art of LD is full of challenges.

The process of natural dreaming does not bring serious issues. But when you come to induced or guided LD, you may experience different problems. The course of challenges faced by dreamers could vary. However, there is some specific trial for every beginner lucid dreamer. Let’s have an idea of a few potential challenges for beginner lucid dreamers.

Potential challenges for beginner lucid dreamer

Some people have the God-gifted ability of conscious dreaming. However, others need the practice to pursue LD, as they try to develop this art after passing through a set of workshops. They also need to be persistent in different aspects to achieve their objectives. A research paper, Challenges for lucid dreamers, discuss some potential risks of LD. Here are a few challenges to motivate the beginners:

Try to fly

Flying in dreams has been a fantasy for a long time because the idea of flying over the clouds gives goosebumps. It will also boost up your confidence and harmonize your thoughts.

But Learning how to fly in a lucid dream demands consistent practice. You can practice it daily while experiencing LD. In the beginning, you will often fall to the ground while flying in a dream. But persistent practice will bring smoothness to your flying skill. Take a start from bouncing on the landscape, and soon it will turn to hover over the mountains.

Running through walls

Passing through physical objects is another thrilling experience for people. The beginner lucid dreamers face difficulty in visualizing this in their lucid dreams. If you want to taste this adventure in your lucid dreams, expect it in your walking life. Try to have the utmost confidence in your thoughts and make courageous expectations.

Imagine with your open eyes that you are wading through the interior of a wall. Try to feel the internal structure of the wall.

Eating delicious meals

Another plus point is imaging food in lucid dreaming does not add to your fats. If you are craving something delicious but harmful to your health, you can taste it in lucid dreams. However, the main challenge is that beginner lucid dreamers engage the dreams with logic. As a result, they fail to enjoy the perks of LD.


On a serious note, throw the logic in the dustbin. Try to make bold imaginations and think of a cave full of chocolate cakes. The bolder imaginations you make, the more you will succeed in getting your desired results.

The final thoughts are experiencing lucid dreaming is not a left-handed game. That’s why different universities organize sessions to train people. However, firm belief in your imaginations can help them to overcome their challenges.