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Sunday, 25 July 2021

What should you do in a Lucid Dream?

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What should you do in a Lucid Dream? Associative picture from Unsplash

Everyone can experience lucid dreams through practicing particular techniques. Your excitement can be at peak when you realize that you are lucid dreaming. But when you first experience lucid dreams, then an important question here is "What should you do in a lucid dream?".

If you don't have sufficient knowledge to answer this question, you can ruin your lucid dreaming experience by waking up. Let's have a look into the things that you should do in a lucid dream.

Confirm Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreamers perform reality checks to confirm whether they are lucid dreaming or not. It will help if you do reality checks multiple times when you are awake, and this practice will stimulate your mind to differentiate between lucid state and reality.

Different practices can help you to distinguish between real life and a lucid dream. Experts suggest that you should perform a variety of reality checks at least ten times a day. For example, you can push the index finger of one hand into the palm of the other hand. If your index finger feels resistance, it means you are awake, and if it passes through, that means you are in a lucid dream.

Control Excitement and Stay Relaxed

It would help if you kept in mind that over-excitement can stop over the dream and result in wake up. Once you transition into a lucid state, you can control and alter your dream to experience different fantasies that you can't participate in awaken life.

During your first experiences of lucid dreaming, you need to keep patience during a lucid dream. When you are clear about a lucid dream, try not to hurry and stay calm and relaxed.

Prolong Your Lucid Dream

It would help if you practiced prolonging your dream as much as possible, but even if you can't make it clear or more stable, try to grab something from your dream world.

One technique to clear your lucid dream and make it a stable one is to take an object from your physical surroundings and start rubbing it with your hand. Gradually you will notice your dream is crystal clear, and you got control over things.

Meet expectations in a Lucid Dream?

Remember, dreams are usually associated with expectations in our mind, and it's an essential technique in learning lucid dreams called MILD (Mnemonics Induced Lucid Dreams). In MILD, you keep repeating a phrase or imagine it happening, but with firm belief, and it will happen in your dream.

Awaken Yourself

When you are skilled at lucid dreaming, you may keep a stable lucid dream and prolong it as much as possible. Sometimes, it will get difficult for you to wake up from the dream life. You can stare at something in your dream that will stop the REM phase, and you will wake up.

After you wake up, make sure to do a reality check because there are chances of false awake and still dreaming. Keep trying to wake up and performing reality checks to wake up from your lucid dream fully.