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Monday, 26 July 2021

What should you not do in a Lucid Dream?

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Lucid dreaming is an incredible experience in which you are conscious and control your dream during sleep. These are unique experiences –you can do anything, regardless of the risks and dangers. You can't even think of it in the real world: flying, jumping from a cliff, or meeting a celebrity.

You can relate lucid dreams to VR simulations in your brain during the REM stage of sleep, where you can do everything. However, that doesn't mean you should do everything. Lucid dreams are safe, but there are few things that you should avoid in a lucid dream. In this article, we will explore those things.

Don't be overexcited.

Experiencing your first lucid dreams can get you very excited. It may disrupt your dream, and you will immediately awake. In initial lucid dreams, try to enjoy this experience and control things by making minor changes.

If you try to control things with more strength in your dream, the lucid state can get away from you very soon, and it will end. However, when you have more frequent lucid dreams, you can take this control to any level.

Don't spend too much time in lucid dreams.

Everything needs a balance, and the same is for lucid dreaming as an excess of anything can harm you. If you are obsessed with learning lucid dreams, you will focus only on experiencing a lucid dream while neglecting your real-life goals. On the other hand, if you are an experienced lucid dreamer, you may spend more time lucid dreaming, leading you to be unproductive in the real world.

Don't get entangled in tricky things.

Following is the list of things that are not harmful, but if you keep doing it for a long time, it may result in waking up or being frightened in the dream.

  1. A technique to stabilize your lucid dream is to spin around. It won't work every time, and if you keep on doing it for a long time, it can wake you up.
  2. You may want to look into a mirror, but don't do it if you are not in a positive state because your image will be a different version of you.
  3. Every beginner lucid dreamer wants to experience the enjoyment of flying in the dream. Don't try it too soon; instead, try to stabilize your dream first – failure can result in frustration.
  4. It will help if you don't think about negative thoughts and scary things as you might get trapped in the dream. When you wake up after such a dream, you will feel exhausted and frustrated.
  5. Try to complete things and don't leave them for later since you forget too early in a lucid dream, and you may not return to complete it later in the lucid dream.

Remember you are safe.

In a lucid dream, you might face scary and dangerous things but don't be afraid. You can do reality checks to keep realizing that it's just a dream and nothing can harm you.