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Sunday, 12 September 2021

10 Things to ask Your Lucid Dream Self

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10 Things to ask Your Lucid Dream Self Associative picture from Unsplash

Lucid dreams (LD) are a great way to interact with your subconscious mind; you can enjoy fantastic events and get solutions to your problems. Exploring yourself with awareness in a dream can support you to observe the latent and opportunities of lucid dreaming.

While you are lucid dreaming, you might come across an LD-self and have meaningful talks. You will find your LD-self wiser and knowledgeable, who can provide a solution to your real-life problems and answer all your questions. This article will give you more insightful information about your LD-self and how to connect with it effectively, questions to ask, and how to ask these questions.

Who is lucid dreaming self?

Do you hear a voice who knows everything and talks to you during LD? This voice is termed as “your inner-self” by lucid dreaming experts. It’s a hidden observer related to the subconscious mind and well-informed to satisfy our queries as an expert.

How to connect with your LD-self?

Some experts devised a straightforward technique to connect with LD-self:

  • Dreamers must ignore all specific figures and symbols that appear in a lucid dream.
  • Ask a question and if not answered, shout out your question repeatedly.

You practice this technique, pose your question, and you will receive the answer in any of these forms:

  • The response appears on a wall
  • Voice comes from the sky
  • The explanation is written on the banner in the sky
  • Dream scene emerges related to your query

You may get surprising answers that are coming from your inner self.

What are the exceptions in getting answers to your questions?

Although it seems to be a straightforward process to ask a question and get the answer, there can be some omissions:

  • You might feel it difficult to ask a question; it can get stuck in your mind or throat.
  • It would help if you focused on the wording of questions because the poorly worded question may not get the answer.
  • Try to ask one focused question rather than combining 2 to 3 ideas.
  • If you are unable to understand the response, then pose another follow-up question.
  • Your inner-self can suggest you a clear solution, but you can’t interpret it correctly.

As a beginner lucid dreamer, keep your questions simple and easy, and as long as you are an expert in communicating with your inner self, you can ask more creative and productive questions.

Questions to Ask Your Lucid Dream Self

It’s a good practice to formulate some questions and memories while awakening, so next time you experience a lucid dream, you have questions in your mind. Some of the more general questions to start with are listed here:

  • Show me something important for me to see!
  • What should I do to become a strong person?
  • What can I do to be happier?
  • Show me my ideal woman!
  • Help me to experience unconditional love!
  • Show me to increase the frequency of lucid dreams!
  • Please guide me to the right solution to _____!
  • Could you show me the ways to improve my health?
  • Please help me find the best of me!
  • Let me see my childhood friends, _______!