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Tuesday, 07 December 2021

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Learning to Induce a Lucid Dream

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Suppose you are a novice to induce lucid dreams and practising for long but failed to do it. You may also be surprised or a little worried about why you are unable to have lucid dreams. Beginner lucid dreamers don't know how to lucid dreams, how to practice and remain consistent.

With the excitement of being lucid, people make some mistakes again and again. Overcoming these mistakes is very simple for frequent lucid dreamers, but for beginners, they are huge, and it takes time to fix them. The discussion here is about the understanding of mistakes by beginners and their ways to improve them.

Types of Mistakes by Beginner Lucid Dreamers

Making mistakes is part of our life; the same is valid for beginner lucid dreamers trying to live their dream lives. You will also learn some ways to fix such mistakes.

Overlooking the Commitment

The biggest mistake by beginners is that they don't commit when they start inducing LD. They want to achieve them instantly, and if they are failed in a few days, they get frustrated and leave in between. Their lack of knowledge and devotion put hurdles in the journey of lucid dreaming. You need to keep in mind that the first few lucid dreams are complicated.

According to a study, students of lucid dreamers were able to have their first lucid dream within 3-21 days or 2 months with daily commitment. Just follow some routine for beginners, record your dreams, recall your dreams, 20-60 minutes' meditations, and perform daily reality checks.

Applying Techniques Altogether

Some people make a list of every technique in the book just for ticking them from the list. They tried MILDFILDWILDWBTB, meditations and other reality checks on the same night. But remember the fact that everything won't work for everyone. Every technique in the book is not going to work without accuracy and skill.

A good strategy is to collect information as much as possible, read the success stories, and then select induction ways according to feasibility. It is better to focus on a few techniques that can be achieved quickly and adequately. Do more practice!

Using too many supplements

Beginner lucid dreamers start using too many supplements like Vitamin B6, Galantamine, dream herbs and pills to enhance lucid dreams. Only supplements intake doesn’t put on lucid dreams.

Some basic necessary techniques and routines are required. You can't depend on any supplements solely to induce LD.

Not Stabilizing Your Dream

For the first time, the dreamer gets too excited, so the dream becomes unstable and wakes up by mistake. Most dreamers declare they were successful in inducing lucid dreaming but waking up.

Don't shout during dreams; stay calm and focused, create your character and face and get happiness. Smile and enjoy your dream!

Ignoring The Dream Self

In lucid dreams, you don't only control the dream world but also communicate with your inner self. The beginners usually become conscious during their dreams; they can't control and change them at the start; it makes them unsatisfied.

Stay connected and communicate with the inner world. Control of dreams is essential but getting inner satisfaction in the dream is an important goal to achieve.

Practice and dedication are the keys to achieving lucid dreams for beginners; there is no magic pill to take and get lucid dreams.