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Thursday, 16 September 2021

7 Productive Things to do in a Lucid Dream

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7 Productive Things to do in a Lucid Dream Associative picture from Unsplash

In a lucid dream, the dreamer can choose their adventure and enjoy it every night – a world with no limits, and you can control everything. The fantastic experiences may have a significant impact on your real life when you wake up.

There is an increase in awareness about the advantages of lucid dreaming, as lucid dreaming is a lot more than just having fun experiences or fulfilling your fantasies. It's an excellent reason behind the rapid growth in lucid dreamers; they accomplish productive things through lucid dreaming instead of having more fun in bed.

Your brain continuously works when lucid dreaming; you can be more productive in your fundamental life skills by practicing the same in your lucid dream. Although the results are not quick, it helps to improve yourself and your skills gradually.

Deal with Your Emotional Problems

Everyone has some emotional issues at some stage; lucid dreaming can help you deal with your emotional problems. In LD, your subconscious mind can be accessed, and your questions are answered to improve and solve your real-life problems.


The most essential and easy productive thing that you can achieve through LD is your self-improvement. If you frequently face nightmares or sleep paralysis, LD can work as therapy and help you cure both. LD will help you understand your behavior, expand your decision-making skills, and sort out problems from your life.

Solve Your Problems

You can get solutions to your daily life problems as well as practice your skills to improve. The idea is to think about your concerns and a lot of questions before sleeping. Just don't overdo it, as you will struggle to fall asleep. Your dream self can help solve your problems and answer your questions in a lucid dream.

Practice Physical Skills

It is believed that practicing a physical skill in a dream is an effective way to improve your craft. You can improve your muscle memory through practicing a physical skill – for example, if you are a tennis player, you can master your skill by playing tennis in your LD.

Overcome your Fears

Lucid dreams are real experiences and whatever you do in a dream is akin to those activities in reality. Due to this, LDs can help you to overcome your fears. For example, people have the height or flight fears reduced by facing them in a lucid dream. Similarly, people with stage fear of public speaking can practice speaking to a large crowd, which will help the lucid dreamer overcome stage fright and be a confident public speaker.

Improve Your Creativity

As an LD beginner, you might come across creative inventions by professionals like artists, scientists, musicians, mathematicians, writers, players, etc. Lucid dreams are a great way to get ideas and create some masterpieces in your particular field.

Enhance Memory Consolidation

Different processes influence dreams in our brain through sleep-related memory consolidations. In a lucid dream, learning-related content is sometimes inspired by day life, and it happens because of memory reactivation, which means dreams are reflections of memory consolidation. If you are practicing your skills in a lucid dream, it will improve your memory and affect your waking performance.