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Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Best Combination of Lucid Dreaming Techniques

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Best Combination of Lucid Dreaming Techniques Associative picture from Unsplash

You can achieve lucid dreaming by practicing different techniques, but the important thing is to be consistent. You will get to know over time which technique is helping you the best. Everything doesn't work for everyone. The reason behind this is, there are no techniques that are proven from scientific research; you can try different techniques and choose the one that works best.

WILD, FILD, MILD, and SSILD are some of the standard techniques to let you achieve your experience of lucid dreaming. Furthermore, reality checks, dream diary, WBTB, and DILD are some routines or activities to combine with the techniques to improve your chances of lucid dreaming vastly. More often than not, there is no single technique or habit that will give you results. However, you can use some of these techniques in combination to be more effective. Continue reading, and you will learn the best union of lucid dreaming techniques.

What is the best combination of lucid dreaming techniques?

Even though LD techniques are similar, choosing them according to your most frequently practiced routines is usually more beneficial.

Recall Your Dreams

Recalling your dreams is essential for LD as you will learn about the pattern and sequence of your dreams, and also it will support you to improve your memory. You can improve your dream memories by writing your dreams into a dream diary.

It would help to keep a dream journal and a pen near your bed in the same position or use a voice recorder to record your dream. If writing a whole dream is difficult for you, you can write only the important words and draw if you witnessed any unique figures or signs.

The next day, you can write a complete dream using those words, symbols, or drawings. Gradually, you will observe that your dream memory is increased.

This routine is best combined with MILD and DILD.

Repeat Your Words

You need to train your brain for what you are looking to attain, and you can accomplish it by repeating the same thing in your mind or by saying. You have a mnemonic to keep repeating during the daytime, before going to sleep, and even when you wake up at midnight.

This mnemonic can be any verse like "Today, I will experience a lucid dream" or something else the same as this. Your brain will be prepared to experience a lucid dream.

Combine this routine with MILD. Repeat the same mantra you've been telling yourself throughout the day.

WBTB (Wake Back To Bed)

You must be aware that dreams occur in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, so more REM sleep state means more dreaming or lucid dreams. You should follow a proper bedtime routine to improve your sleep quality, increasing your REM sleep state.

Another method that helps to enhance your REM sleep state is the WBTB technique (Wake Back To Bed). You set the alarm after 4.5 to 6 hours of sleep, wake up, stay awake for a specific time and then go back to sleep again. But you should use this method only if you are good at sleeping back again. Otherwise, it's not recommended.

The majority of LD techniques require WBTB. So, combine it with FILD, SILD, WILD, Anchor. You can also try MILD.