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Sunday, 22 August 2021

Best things to do while Lucid Dreaming

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Best things to do while Lucid Dreaming Associative picture from Unsplash

You are interested in lucid dreaming – a beginner in the practice or a pro; you might be looking for the best things to do during lucid dreaming. As a previously lucid dreamer, you would be experiencing fantastic exercises during your lucid dream.

The more general stuff you do in your lucid dream might be:

  • Flying.
  • Meeting your favorite personalities.
  • Doing activities that you may only think about in your awakening life.

Apart from these common actions, there are several activities that you can experience to make your lucid dreams more valuable. Keep reading this article to find out the best things to do during lucid dreams.

Meet with Your Lost Loved Ones

If you have recently lost a dear one, you miss them madly and desire to meet them; it's achievable through a lucid dream. You can talk to your lost loved ones, and they will communicate with you based on your memories related to their actions. It would be best to use this time to say your goodbyes; otherwise, it can be even more challenging to let go.

Gain Expertise through Practising

You can practice the skill you are learning recently or revive a previously pitched craft in your lucid dream. You can make it genuine by focusing on it with time. For example, you can practice a violin lesson or a martial arts class to improve your skill through lucid dreaming.

Travel through Time

You can travel through time to encounter different ancient cultures and civilizations or explore the elevation in a future city.

Another way to travel is to go back in time and assume your younger self. Or you can travel to go forward in time and encounter your future self.

Live like a Celebrity and Enjoy Fame

Many of you have dreamed of being famous and living a celebrity lifestyle at a very young age but can't achieve it. However, you can enjoy it if you are a lucid dreamer.

Explore the Nature

For a nature fanatic, a lucid dream is a golden opportunity to investigate nature. You can experience any of the listed below and entertain your adventurous self:

  • Dive deeper into the sea
  • Visit the forests
  • Conquer the mountain tops
  • Explore dusty dunes deserts

Deal with Your Fears

Lucid dreams are a great way to overcome your fears of awakening life. You can practice facing your fear phobias, as lucid dreaming is the safest to do it. These phobias may include public speaking, snakes, spiders, heights, or needles.

Get Advice from a Dream Guide

You can take your real-life queries to your dream and find a guide to get a solution to your problems. A simple way to achieve it is to call by asking, "Where is my dream guide?". Sooner or later, your guide will appear, but you need to confirm by asking them, "Are you my dream guide?". If they say yes more than two times, that means you found them.

Final Thoughts

You have infinite choices to experience in a lucid dream, and you will improve over time. There's a vast magical world to be explored – and lots of fun, helpful or enlightening stuff to do.