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Saturday, 02 October 2021

Can Lucid Dreaming go wrong?

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Can Lucid Dreaming go wrong? Associative picture from unsplash

Various scientific researchers also claim that there are no side effects of LD in any case. Either a snake bites you or falls from a mountain; a lucid dream will never harm you. You can conclude that lucid dreams are a great way to enjoy some fantastic adventures or take advantage of them.

Lucid Dreaming is a mental state of consciousness in your dream during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. LD is generally safe for mentally stable people, but sometimes dreamers need to practice tried-and-tested methods to reduce the risks.

As a beginner, you must learn entirely about the concept of Lucid Dreaming, the best ways to induce it, and the benefits and risks involved in it. However, you still have some concerns about risks and issues related to lucid Dreaming; let's investigate it deeply.

Why can lucid Dreaming go wrong in some conditions?

Sometimes lucid Dreaming may not be favorable when you are upset, so don't encounter them if someone has any mental disorder. Specifically, borderline personality disorder BPD makes it troublesome to notice what's real or not, so better to take usual sleep. For some people, lucid Dreaming may also cause difficulty to droop between reality and worsen their situation.

But the scenarios mentioned above are actual probability; they are majorly uncertain for those with healthy mental states who are struggling with gradual practices to work with their lucid Dreaming.

How can lucid Dreaming go wrong?

Lucid Dreaming is like a swimming pool, a place where swimming and growing occur side by

side, but if you learn the basics of swimming and how to swim, there's no uncertainty around yourself, and you have strength over it.

Again there's no evidence or concise data regarding the side effects or dangers of lucid Dreaming, so it is difficult to understand whether these dreams are detrimental for a person or they can be wrong.

Another similar concern about lucid Dreaming is that some people require more struggle and focus on inducing it. For LD, people who procrastinate their sleep patterns to induce specific lucid dreaming techniques such as WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) can lead to sleep deprivation. For this reason, they don't fulfil their requirement of enough rest as compare to non-lucid dreamers.

Why can't lucid Dreaming go wrong?

Lucid dreamers have high intelligence concerning non-lucid dreamers. Although, there is no authentic research about intelligence based on IQ tests is available. However, in some psychological studies, an investigation was conducted, the results show that lucid dreamers are much more problem solvers than non-lucid dreamers.

People with more intelligence are usually less prone to risks and dangers because they can handle situations smartly.


Can lucid dreaming go wrong?". It can't go wrong if you already know the pros and cons of Lucid Dreaming. It may be very stunning, valuable, and fascinating happening. Still, a person should know why they are curious to accomplish it and what they expect before experiencing it.