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Thursday, 07 October 2021

Can lucid dreams heal you?

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Can lucid dreams heal you? Associative picture from Unsplash

Quality sleep is crucial for everyone, and it helps you to enjoy a healthy life. Sleep time supports

  • Your brain to detox.
  • Your body to take rest.
  • Your mind to discover a world of limitless possibilities.

This alternate reality of limitless possibilities is the dream world and especially the lucid dreams. There was a time when LD was thought of as a way to fulfil your wishes only. This concept is changed with increasing awareness and results of systematic research, studies and scientific trials. There are proven applications of LD; people use them to self-heal from mental and physical conditions.

Another concept related to a healthy life is self-healing. People are more interested in self-improvement or self-healing. There are many ways to achieve it; an emerging technique is lucid dreaming. This process can be uncomfortable initially, but you will be surprised by the results once you are an expert in this. This article can help you to learn about self-healing and can you use lucid dreaming to heal.


The most crucial factor in recovering from a mental or physical condition is the patient’s self-will, and strong will means fast healing from health issues. Self-healing refers to the process of improvement that is directed or motivated by the patient.

Everyone suffers some kind of pain and trauma at some stage of life and use specific ways to recover from them. You can speed up your recovery from such conditions using specific ways along with proper treatments. You can learn multiple ways to heal yourself, such as meditation, self-therapies, and lucid dreaming.

Can Lucid Dreams Heal You?

LD is no longer used only for amusement; instead, more productive applications are now based on scientific research and studies. One of these is the clinical application of lucid dreaming when patients learn it to self-heal from mental or physical conditions.

Mental health issues, such as PTSD and nightmares, are treated through LD therapy. The sufferer learns to convert their nightmares into LD. Similarly, paralysis patients can use LD to achieve improvement in their disability. They can practice moving their paralyzed body part during LD, and studies show that this LD therapy heals and help to recover from that condition.

Scientific Evidence of Self-Healing through LD

Scientific research and studies results provide a solid basis to validate anything. There are some current research results to show you the effectiveness of LD. For example:

Lucid dreams are a treatment for recurring nightmares. The study explains that treatments based on LD induction can be therapeutic.

Physical Rehabilitation through LD. The results show that the physical movement of a paralyzed part during LD can result in the possible improvement of physical rehabilitation.

There are many other studies to validate the healing benefit of LD. But more research is required to acquire complete knowledge about it.

Our brain activity during LD is the same as awakening life, and the above research results also describe how LD can help you heal from specific health issues. Anyone can learn LD induction through different techniques and use it to improve mental and physical health.