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Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Can Video Gaming Enhance Lucid Dreaming?

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Can Video Gaming Enhance Lucid Dreaming? Associative picture from Unsplash

Decades ago, children played indoor, outdoor, and physical games with their fellows, siblings, and family members, contributing to their health, e.g. mental and physical health. Over time, things are modernized and changed rigorously; in a digital world, mobile phones and other gadgets are more common and accessible. Children and adults feel more attracted to playing virtual games.

There was a time when playing video games was considered unsafe and a waste of time. However, there are advantages of playing video games, such as improving memory, decision-making, planning, etc. Another great benefit of playing video games is mainly for people who are trying to experience lucid dreams. Experts say and also it’s validated from research that video gaming is a technique to induce lucid dreams.

Statistics about Video Gaming

Games are structured forms of play intended for fun and entertainment and also used as an educational instrument. With the advancement of technology, playing video games is accessible for everyone; now, people have mobile phones, and they can download and play free games as per their choice.

The video gaming industry is growing larger than music and cinema. According to survey results, video games are getting popular rapidly, valid for ages ranging 16-65 years.

People have been using computers, laptops, and different playing stations more frequently than in the past few years. 63% of the United Kingdom females are gamers with a lead over men who are 61%. This all is true, but do you know that there is a relationship between lucid dreaming and video gaming?

How Video Gaming and Lucid Dreaming are related?

Video games are technologically designed to contradict reality; on the other hand, dream worlds are biologically constructed alternative facts. Hardcore gamers who played games most of their time have more lucid dreams than rare gamers who played occasionally. According to some research, they are playing video games before sleeping increases the possibilities of lucid dreaming.

Regular game players also control their dream environment. Video gamers and lucid dreamers share some standard features; both have higher than average spatial mastery and low exposure to gesture. Lucid dreamers have sound vestibular systems.

Research About Video Gaming and Lucid Dreaming

As a general observation, there is no link between video gaming and lucid dreaming, but studies have proved the association. According to a survey, lucid dreaming and video gaming are correlated, and both overlap. Gamers and lucid dreamers both have high levels of concentration or focus. Playing video games before going to bed also increases the extraordinary awareness and control of dreams.

Video gaming can enhance lucid dreaming, but there you need to consider some things. It would help if you stopped playing the video game at least 2 hours before sleeping time. Everything doesn’t work for everyone; you should remember this. Also, you can’t rely only on video gaming; instead, you need to practice other techniques to induce or enhance lucid dreaming.