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Sunday, 10 October 2021

Can You be Productive while Sleeping through Lucid Dreams?

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Can You be Productive while Sleeping through Lucid Dreams? Associative picture from Unsplash

Life is too fast, and people want to be more productive in less time; they don't want to waste their time, even when sleeping. There is nothing impossible in today's world; let's discuss whether you can be productive and sleeping at the same time?

Think about a situation when you realized that you slept with a problem in mind, and when you waked up, you got the solution? Or you are a creative person and got an idea in your dream related to your passion. Many people experience this and can get ideas, imaginativeness and creativity during sleep time through dreams.

If you get enough and quality sleep, it'll boost your health and also improves your life. A great way to increase your productivity is through dreaming. Lucid dreams during sleep have great benefits and can make you proficient in your skills.

Sleep Phenomenon at Glance

It is unavoidable to discuss lucid dreams without mentioning sleep. Sleep is a complex and vibrant process and is entirely explained. So, it is considered as a way of improving good mental health as well as productivity.

If a person lacks sound sleep or has an excess sleep, he suffers the whole day in terms of focus and productivity. Both of these affect mental health negatively, bringing laziness, restlessness, and confusion throughout the day, leading to depression. On the other hand, proper sleep enhances better performance, productivity, consciousness and focus. Sleep is categorized into two phases:

  1. Non-rapid eye movement (NREM)
  2. Rapid eye movement (REM)

LD occur during the REM state of sleep, and you can experience LD as much as the REM state cycle takes place.

The Science behind Lucid Dreaming

During lucid dreaming, your brain goes through a complete process. According to the researcher, during lucid dreaming, neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to rewire itself) is changing. This rewiring ability of the brain can increase your handling of everyday tasks and lead to incredible productivity at work. Toxins from the brain are also removed during dreaming while you are in your comfort zone. Our brain has no lymph or excretion channels, but neurons excrete toxins into the bloodstream during sleep, which are purified elsewhere in the body.

The Link Between Lucid Dreaming and Your Productivity

There are too many interruptions during your awakening life. For example, you are working on a task at work or home, chat messages or emails keep coming and distracting that decrease productivity of labour in true sense.

While lucid dreaming, you will feel engaged entirely in controlling your dream, as there are no distractions. It further helps you to be more productive, maintains flow and increases focus.

LD is a great way to train your brain, and it's proven from research as well. Whatever activity you choose to perform during LD will leave an impact on your awakening life. Your lucid dreaming skill can benefit you to improve health, master skills, solving problems.