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Thursday, 23 September 2021

Can You Die in the Lucid Dream?

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Can You Die in the Lucid Dream? Associative picture from Pixabay

Dream? There are many scenarios that our brain has not encountered in real life, but we experience in our dream, such as eating food that we have not tasted before. Death is one of those experiences that the human brain is not used to and doesn’t understand what happens when we die.

You can have death or near to death involvement in a lucid dream, and it is a rather scary experience. How can you die in a lucid dream? What happens after you die in a dream? And can you die in real life if you die in a dream? These are some questions that you will get answers to through reading this article.

Can You Die in a Lucid Dream?

Death in a dream is possible due to certain situations, but usually, dreamers come out of the dream state before they experience death. One of the reasons is that everyone fears being dead, and another is that our brain has no preset imagination to experience death and life after death. As soon as our brain gets closer to death, our dream ends, and we wake up.

How Can You Die in a Lucid Dream?

Like you can die in your real life, you can die in a lucid dream as well. Your death can be caused by a snake bite, falling from a building, due to some disease, or many other situations. You will have a feeling and all emotions that one can have before leaving this world.

What Happens if You Die in a Lucid Dream?

Usually, you will come out of your dream state, but if somehow you stay in the dream and die, there can be two possibilities. One is that you will be sitting inside a dark box and stay there until you wake up, but this is a rare case. A more common situation is this one: as soon as you die in a dream, everything around you will change, like your surroundings, characters around you, and maybe your dream self also. You can think about this as if you have switched to another dream.

Can You Die in Real Life if You Die in a Lucid Dream?

This question is crucial, and every beginner lucid dreamer has this in mind: will you die in real life if you die in a lucid dream? And the answer is no. Everything happening in your dream is just limited to the dream world, and you are not harmed cant cannot die if you have run through a situation in your dream.

However, if you wake up during or after such a dream when you were dead or after you were dead, you will be emotional and have some feelings like pain or sadness. But you don’t need to be worried as it will be temporary and can’t harm you. Try relaxing, meditating, or drinking some tea.

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