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Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Can You Find Lucid Dreaming Podcasts?

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Can You Find Lucid Dreaming Podcasts? Associative picture from Unsplash

A plethora of research proves that one can use lucid dreaming to reclaim mental health and positivity. Although the actual mechanism of lucid dreaming is still unknown, the remarkable benefits of LD attract many people to enjoy it. That is why everyone is trying to figure out the benefits, harms, and how to do lucid dreaming techniques. Although numerous lucid dreaming guides are available on the internet, some people look forward to podcasts for getting information. Moreover, some experts quote that podcasts are a better way to explore the philosophy of lucid dreaming. If you are an audiophile and cannot read lengthy blogs on lucid dreaming, you can go for lucid dream podcasts to learn about the techniques and mechanisms. Several lucid dreaming podcasts available on YouTube describe what lucid dreaming is and how one can enjoy it.

Is a lucid dreaming podcast worth it?

Lucid dreaming podcasts are an effective way to connect yourself with professionals and experts. These podcasts nurture a digital Society of people exploring the same things. So, you can clear your confusion and questions by asking the professionals. It will help you get inspiration from their experiences, and it will be an excellent way to hack your mind for lucid dreaming. Another plus point of listening to LD podcasts is that audial content can provide you with better guidance and advice than written content. Moreover, The personality of onironauts can further inspire you to experience the dream world.

What lucid dreaming podcast cover?

Well, it depends upon the nature of the podcast and the host. Sometimes the host interviews onironauts and asks them about their LD experiences. For example, the apple podcast arranges interviews with scientists, researchers, and LD practitioners to learn about their findings. A very famous podcast premiered on Apple podcast called Dr. Denholm aspy to unveil the role of vitamin b12 in Lucid dreaming. Another podcast reviewed a lucid dreaming app to help beginners master the technique. It means that such podcasts can increase the knowledge of amateur dreamers and inform them about recent findings.


What are some best lucid dreaming podcasts?

Different websites run their podcasts to educate people about the spirituality and science behind lucid dreaming. Here are the best picks that will help a newbie:

  • The Lucid Truth.
  • The paradigm shift radio.
  • The house of fantods.
  • The Skeptic Metaphysicians - Metaphysics 101
  • Waking life podcast.
  • The apple podcast.

You can approach several professionals and experts and ask them live questions about LD.

The lucid podcast-an audible book

The lucid podcast is an audible book available on Amazon created by Mark Goldenson. This audible book describes the role of gadgets and different pharmaceutical drugs in the induction of lucid dreams. So, if you are an enthusiast, you can listen to this book on Amazon. There are no service or buying charges for the content so go for it to know more about lucid dreaming.


The endnote is that you must stay in touch with different podcasts to get the latest knowledge about the induction techniques, beneficial drugs, and potential benefits of lucid dreaming.