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Tuesday, 02 November 2021

Can you talk to lucid dreamers in their dreams?

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Can you talk to lucid dreamers in their dreams? Associative picture from Unsplash

What happens during a dream has been a mystery for scientists for a long time. A general perception is that sleepers are unable to perceive the questions of a person while dreaming. They are unable to find out the actual reasoning behind dreaming. But, nowadays, scientists have proved that two-way communication is possible with a person experiencing LD.

Recent research published in current biology in 2018 proposed that Lucid dreamers can comprehend the questions, understand the math problems and even solve them. A cognitive neuroscientist working in the northwestern university said lucid dreamers respond to questions via different signals in real-time.

Researchers mention that talking to a person experiencing LD is like talking to an astronaut in other dimensions. They further added it is like discovering another unpredictable world. However, Scientists are using different communication methods to grab necessary information from lucid dreamers.

Why do scientists have an interest in talking to Lucid dreamers?

Dreams are a common experience shared by several people. Today science wants to use this phenomenon for the improvement of humans’ cognitive abilities. But they are unable to get enough information about the actual science behind it.

Researchers are dependent on the thoughts recollected by a dreamer after awakening. But peoples usually forget a large portion of their dreams after waking up. So, the probability of getting distorted details is very high. This situation compelled the scientists to devise ways to interact with lucid dreamers.

What are the potential perks of talking to Lucid dreamers?

A plethora of researches mentions that talking to Lucid dreamers can bring à lot of advantages. Here are some expected plus points of talking to people experiencing LD.

Psychological improvement

Psychologists interact with lucid dreamers to tailor their characteristics. Moreover, communication in a subconscious sleep can help people deal with traumas.

Investigation of LD

Another potential benefit is that this technique could help researchers investigate the reasons for LD. A human brain has a limited capacity to memorize the events happening in a lucid dream. So, real-time communication with dreamers assists scientists to peer into the dreamscape.

Correlation between memory and sleep

Scientists are trying to open the doors in the future to understand the effect of sleep on memory using LD. Moreover, talking to Lucid sleepers can also help researchers to understand the enigmatic spectrum of sleep.

How do lucid dreamers respond to the researchers while dreaming?

During LD, sleepers are aware of their dreaming. They are conscious enough to perceive the questions of the people. But sometimes, they perceive the questions as an event of a dream. Lucid dreamers adopt different ways to respond to the questions. For example, researchers asked the question, what is the answer of 20 minus 18? The person in lucid dream responded by shaking his head two times from left to right. Shaking the head two times means he wants to say 2. So, lucid dreamers use different signals to interact with people in ongoing life.

The essence of the discussion is that it is possible to communicate with people experiencing LD. Different techniques are in practice for this purpose. However, the process of communication still needs further improvement.