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Tuesday, 05 April 2022

Exploring the world of lucid dreaming

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Exploring the world of lucid dreaming Associative picture from Unsplash

If we surge into the world of lucid dreaming, we will find that the concept is far different from pop dream psychology. For experiencing lucid dreaming, you need proper training in inducing LD, and when people become experts in lucid dreaming, they can automatically trigger LD from their hypnogenic state. So, you can use lucid dreaming to get confidence, solve your problems and bring creativity.

However, lucid dreaming is not possible without getting aware of your dream. Awareness of the LD is possible by questioning reality. It means you need to perform actions in the waking world that help you perceive you are not dreaming. In the context of lucid dreaming, these actions are reality checks. So, once you get an expert in doing reality checks, you will induce LD daily. Lucid dreamers can consult different handbooks on lucid dreaming for further understanding.

How can you explore the world of lucid dreaming?

Although lucid dreaming is a thrilling experience, people find it difficult to induce LD. Following are some tips to explore the world of lucid dreaming:

Keeping reading journals

A dream journal helps you to improve your dreaming skills. You can read different journals to get in touch with the ongoing tricks for LD. Moreover, the dreaming experience of people clicks new ideas for your dreamscape in mind.

Increasing the time of REM sleep

REM sleep is the period during which lucid dreaming is enjoyable. So, Lucid slumbers must get more REM sleep to increase the chance of lucid dreaming.

Trying induction methods

Lucid dreaming practitioners recommend various techniques to induce LD. Mnemonic induction of lucid dreaming is the most effective method for instant induction of LD. You may try other methods like WILD or wake back to bed tactics for this purpose.

Use of oneirogens

Oneriogens are the plants that help induce LD. Different oneirogens or organic extracts from the dream plants are buyable online. Accompanying these oneirogens with induction techniques will help you explore the world of lucid dreams instantly.

Practicing reality testing

Differentiating reality from dreams is essential for triggering lucidity while sleeping. For this, you can try various methods to question the realistic world. Try to do things impossible in the real world but doable in dreams. For example, try to fly in the air like birds. If you can't do this, it means that you are waking. While experiencing LD, you will be able to fly, and the practice of reality checks will make you aware that you are dreaming.

What are the perks of inducing lucid dreams?

Exploring the unseen horizons of lucid dreaming will improve your motor skills. Different scholarly articles and websites quote lucid dreaming as healing physical and psychological defects. Several famous people did this and got remarkable results, like Hellen Keller. She was blind and used to imagine the world via lucid dreaming, and it improved her cognitive abilities for thinking and feeling the world.

So the endnote is that exploring lucid dreams also helps you with your hidden talents. Moreover, you can use LD for polishing your skills like gaming, etc.