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Friday, 24 September 2021

How can Lucid Dreaming Change Your Life?

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How can Lucid Dreaming Change Your Life? Associative picture from Unsplash

Some people dream about unique events that leave a significant impact on morning mode when they wake up. There are so many things like having a date with a celebrity or going on a world tour that you want to experience in your life, but you can't do that due to limitations. Lucid dreaming can help you to do everything that you can only think about in your real life.

When people started getting awareness about lucid dreaming, there were only talks about fulfilling a fantasy. But over time, things have changed; therapeutical use of lucid dreaming is already proven by science, and people are exploring ways to change their lives through controlling their dreams, i.e., lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreams provide you with a chance to run through your fantasy and are a great way to change your life. Let's learn how lucid dreaming can change your life.

Increase Your Skills through Practice in Lucid Dream

Everyone learning a new skill to turn passion into a profession is always looking for ways to enhance skills. Either you are learning some sports like badminton, or you want to be a musician like a piano player, you can increase your skills while you are sleeping. Mastering a skill in a lucid dream is proved from scientific research, and you can also learn to induce LD through different techniques and improve your skills to change your life.

Get Ideas from Your Lucid Dream and be More Creative

The idea behind "Inception" is the result of a lucid dream. Similarly, many artists, musicians, and authors explain that their ideas come to them through lucid dreams. Your sleep time can also give you great ideas through a lucid dream that can change your life. You can learn to understand the clues and ideas that you can find in your lucid dream.

Get Rid of Psychological Issues

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and sleep paralysis are some of the psychological issues many people face, and they also disable them from carrying out routine normal life activities. Lucid dreaming is a proven method to help solve these issues, and patients are trained to control above mentioned through inducing a lucid dream. It's not advisable to only resort to lucid dreaming, however. If you are depressed or suffer from anxiety or PTSD, you should always seek medical help first. Lucid dreaming therapy is still in its infancy and should not be viewed as a cure, especially if you're doing it by yourself. Instead, use it in addition to the medical help you receive.

Find Solutions to Your Problems and be More Productive

It is a common experience that you sleep with a problem in mind, and when you wake up, you can solve that problem, but it happens randomly. However, you can find solutions whenever you come across a problem, and it can be solved in your dream. Lucid dreaming also helps you find solutions; the idea is to sleep with the problem and its related questions in your mind. You may get the answer in the dream, and as soon as you wake up from a dream, you should be in the same position for some time and then immediately write all related details in your dream diary.