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Monday, 25 October 2021

How can Lucid Dreams Unlock Clues about Consciousness?

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How can Lucid Dreams Unlock Clues about Consciousness? Associative picture from Unsplash

In everyone's life, there are some situations when they have to decide and choose a path that may impact their future. For example, someone might think about becoming a director of a film and performing as an actor of the same? It may involve thinking about the plot, the whole scenario, scenes, and the story's end. After knowing all aspects related to that, they can decide to be an actor or only director. Actually, at that time, their brain is working and making decisions by consciousness.

On the other hand, lucid dreaming is yet under-studied content and known as a combined state of sleeping and waking consciousness. People use lucid dreaming more during a pandemic to soothe their souls and lessen their depression level. Different platforms like YouTube, TikTok and online communities play a significant role to spread the knowledge and information for the induction of lucid dreams. Here we will articulate unlocking the suggestions about consciousness in lucid dreams.

The Consciousness of Mind

All the thoughts, feelings, wishes and memories are a component of the conscious mind. You can talk practically about any aspect, think about something and make decisions due to your conscious mind; consciousness is the primary basis of interpretation related to reality.

Lucid Dream Unlock Clues about Consciousness

While lucid dreaming, people are conscious and aware as well. LD is a form of reflective training of consciousness. It is associated with core beliefs, perception and habitual behaviour etc. During a lucid dream, you are on the most inner aspect of creative consciousness. With the commitment of consciousness, the dreamer thinks over the constraints of reasoning. So with creativity and innovation, when events and skills are blended leads to new synthesis so that a unique idea occurs.

Study of Brain Function during Lucid Dreaming and Consciousness

Lucid dreaming is known as a hybrid state between waking consciousness and sleep. As we know, consciousness gives a clue about lucid dreaming. In some studies, REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is linked with the high activity of the brain in frontal areas. These areas of the brain perform high order cognitive functions such as voluntary behaviour and logical reasoning. This kind of high order activity in the brain is known as "gamma wave activity".

Gamma wave activity also allows different aspects of our emotions, thoughts, perceptions, experiences, and memories to combine to assimilate consciousness.

Another study describes the involvement of specific brain regions more perfectly during lucid dreams. The pre-frontal cortex and the precuneus regions are found to increase the activity of consciousness during LD. Both of these areas are associated with higher cognitive thinking, e.g. self-reflexive processing and significance of power. It again supports that lucid dreaming is a hybrid state of consciousness.


Consciousness is a biological phenomenon, and it is involved in the function and behaviour controlled by the brain. The lucid dream involves hacking the world's most complex computer: the human brain, with the help of consciousness.