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Monday, 13 September 2021

How to increase Lucid Dreaming?

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How to increase Lucid Dreaming? Associative picture from Unsplash

As a novice lucid dreamer, you might be aware of the fact that more than 50% of people experience lucid dreams at least once in a lifespan, and 25% are those who experience subsequent every month. However, when it comes to frequent lucid dreaming, only 1% of lucid dreamers experience it weekly or daily. The exceptionality of frequent lucid dreamers is a big hurdle in conducting focused scientific experiments and studies.

If you are among 25% of the population who experience spontaneous LD monthly or beginner lucid dreamer learning to induce lucid dreams through different techniques, then now you must be looking forward to frequent lucid dreaming. This article will guide you with ways to be lucid in your dreams multiple times a week.

Why do some people have more frequent lucid dreams?

Powerful imagination, enhanced creativeness, and people who rely more on internal thoughts have more chances to become lucid in a dream.

Studies suggest that dreamers who are multitasking, more focused, and remember complete dreams upon waking up are more prone to lucid dreams.

You might know that many discoveries were made during dreams in history, and even now, many creative artists, musicians, and film industry people claim that their best creations were abstract ideas from a dream.

How can you be a frequent lucid dreamer?

Lucid dreaming is a fantastic experience that dreamers want to increase after their initial encounters. You might already be aware of the conventional lucid dreaming techniques that help boost lucid dreaming experiences. However, some uncommon ways to enhance your lucid dreaming skills are explained here to help you.

Improve your insight

According to studies, people with more insight can have frequent lucid dreams during their current states or events. You can improve it by solving puzzles requiring out-of-the-box thinking.

Enhance your memorization skills

Dream recall is essential and plays a vital role in inducing lucid dreams. Thus, you should improve your ability to recall the complete dream if you are willing to have more frequent lucid dreams.

Play more video games

Video games also give you control over things happening; just like in a lucid dream, you are aware and can alter your reality. Playing video games can improve the chances of recurrent lucid dreams but remember that you have to stop playing 2 hours before bed.

Combine LD techniques

Lucid dreamers who learn to induce LD through techniques know that if you use these techniques consistently and with belief, you will have your first happenstance of LD. To fasten the processor to be an expert of lucid dreaming, you can combine two or more lucid dreaming techniques.

For example, you can combine the MILD (Mnemonics Induced Lucid Dream) technique with WBTB (Wake Back To Bed). In the MILD technique, repeating a verse (called Mnemonic) can help induce LD, and doing this after waking up and going back to bed increases the chance.

Take supplements

A variety of pills, herbs, and supplements are available on the market to induce lucid dreams, but it will only work if you use them while practicing lucid dreaming techniques.