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Wednesday, 29 December 2021

How to use Mugwort for lucid dreaming?

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How to use Mugwort for lucid dreaming? Associative picture from Pixabay

Mugwort can enhance lucid dreams. It is a powerfully lucid dream herb that can make wonders for your dreaming experience. Here is all you need to know. Mugwort has given some of my most interesting dreams and lucid dream practices to several people. So those who want to dream more also need to understand how to use Mugwort for lucid dreaming?

We want to share what we have studied and experimented with this herb to enhance your dreams. It's a powerful herb that clarifies your goals, improves your memory, and gives you access to "sacred" visions. We assembled a lot of knowledge about Mugwort and how it can be practiced for Lucid Dreaming.

Mugwort, known as Artemesia annua, is one of the most mysterious herbs in the vegetable world due to its supernatural properties. However, it has a sweet taste, so it is perfect for drinking at the end of the day.

Different use of Mugwort for lucid dreaming:

Mugwort Tea for Lucid Dreams

Mugwort is easy to brew by simply adding one teaspoon of dried Mugwort to hot water. It is important to know when you want to wake up to get a good morning in morning.

Mugwort has long been a popular method of attracting clear dreams. Mugwort tea is made by boiling Mugwort leaves in water. Many cultures have been using this method to provoke lucid dreams for centuries, and it has been reported to be very effective. Mugwort tea is a great way to increase clarity and can be used in the morning or before bed.

There are several means to achieve this, but the most common is to perform a morning ritual. It is usually done daily, such as meditation, drinking mugwort tea, and exercise. By practicing the technique of lucid dreaming, your brain is ready to dream lucid dreams. It's easiest to find something you can drink when you're on the go. You should take a capsule or loose type of Mugwort tea for 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed.

Make a dream pillow

Making a dream pillow helps you relax and raises awareness of the dreams you need to see lucid dreaming. Place a handful of dry herbal Mugwort in a cotton drawstring bag. You can also blend herbs such as catnip, mint, and lavender.

If you put it on a night table, a headboard, or by the pillow, you can smell and breathe in the scent when you go to sleep.

Dosage of Mugwort for intake:

The intake standard varies from person to person, so be sure to check before consulting your physician. The recommended daily intake of Mugwort steaming for lucid dreaming is about 150mg. But be careful and be sure to drink plenty of water during the day as this can cause dehydration.

People drink about 30 minutes before they go to bed and go to sleep as usual. You can dream more clearly, and you are more likely to crave lucid. It is also said that adding honey to steamed Mugwort is more effective.

Bottom line

Mugwort steaming affects your dreams. The Mugwort can "enhance" or "upgrade" the level of your dreams from a habitual dream state.

However, the reality is that it is not a simple and quick-acting solution that will enable you to have a clear dream just by turning on the switch. Mugwort steaming is like an assistant or assistance to help you achieve a lucid dream, and it works well with proven practice and technique.