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Saturday, 28 August 2021

Impossible Movement Practice (IMP)

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Impossible Movement Practice (IMP) Associative picture from Unsplash

Lucid dreaming is talked about and discussed more frequently nowadays. Some dreamers experience lucid dreams once in a lifetime; others do so regularly. But you can also learn lucid dreaming; there are proven techniques that you can practice to experience your first lucid dream. Some techniques are famous and have proven results, while others have been introduced lately but are more effective.

These techniques are supportive or supplementary procedures for effective entrance into a lucid dream. IMP is a supportive technique that works with WBTB or WILD strategy. You can practice this method as an independent technique but with specific conditions.

Keep reading to understand this technique entirely as it's highly effective to experience a lucid dream.

What is IMP?

As the name describes, you will be in a physical condition lying on your bed, and you are required to produce movements that are impossible in that position. You can understand better with an example. Imagine lying on a side position; you can try to take your hand and foot on the backside to hold your foot with your hand.

Several variations are possible for IMP by using hands, fingers, and other body parts. But the best ones are those prohibited by your body or by the bed. Some of the variations are listed below.

  • Your hand is under your head, and it's impossible to practice a clenched fist in this position.
  • You are lying on your stomach and move back your hand to do a handshake.

When to do IMP?

IMP helps transition between awakening life and the dream world, and change through IMP can make you fully aware of your resulting lucid dream.

When working with a WBTB, you come back to your bed to fall asleep and set yourself in a particular position. You can choose any of the movements and concentrate on them. Think and imagine practicing this movement again and again. Keep repeating it until you eventually succeed – that's your cue to transition into a lucid dream.

How IMP works?

When you repeat the same movement in your imagination, your assumed perception will undoubtedly shift to a realistic experience with a feeling of this transformation. The result has transition happened between the physical body and dream body.

How IMP supports other techniques?

IMP is an important technique, and you can perform it on a nightly basis. However, you must perform it after WBTB – it won't work otherwise. When you have to go back to bed after a particular wake-up time, you can easily practice it and create the transition from the real world to the lucid world.

How IMP works independently?

Along with being a supplementary technique for WBTB, it can be done stand-alone. However, only do it when napping or after a good night's sleep – there is usually no way to induce a lucid dream right after going to bed.

IMP was introduced recently; still, it is one of the most effective techniques to work with to enter into a lucid dream.