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Tuesday, 03 May 2022

Is it possible to lucid dream every night?

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Is it possible to lucid dream every night? Associative picture from Unsplash

The general stats show that people experience lucid dreams spontaneously, and this spontaneous induction occurs many times during a week. However, there are different variations in that data because 20% percent of people experience it once a month. But, naturally, some people may experience lucid dreaming every night, and such dreamers work to train their minds to induce lucidity.

Lucid dreaming experts say that lucid dreaming every night is a God-gifted ability, and if someone can induce LD daily, he is a natural lucid dreamer. However, you can also train yourself to induce lucid dreams every night by adopting different ways. For example, you can keep a sleep journal with yourself and maintain sleep hygiene for experiencing it daily. You can use the MILd technique or oneriogens for triggering lucidity every night.

Why do some people experience LD every night?


People who experience lucid dreams daily have a higher level of cognitive activities in their brains. Research published in the journal of Nature(2018) lucid dreaming. It is due to the high physiological activity between the frontopolar cortex and temporoparietal areas. It means that the parts of the brain responsible for interpreting the words, linguistics, and sentences develop an interaction with the organs of the brain processing external or internal stimuli. So, this elevated level of functioning within the brain brings vividness during sleep. So, a lucid dreamer can get lucid every night by increasing the cognitive activities in his brain.

Is it possible to train someone to induce lucid dreaming every night?


Scientific findings mention that 51 percent of the whole population experience lucid dreaming only once in their lifetime. Scientists have not yet found out how to train someone to experience LD. But some researchers report that controlling your dreams is possible. For example, Dr. Denholm aspy says that some techniques can increase the chances of lucid dreaming every night. Here are some ways recommended by Dr. Aspy to train yourself for lucid dreaming:

Reality checks

Doing frequent reality checks helps to trigger lucidity every night.

Wake back to bed

According to this technique, the dreamer must force himself to wake up after sleeping for five hours. After walking for 20-30 minutes, he must sleep again to enter the REM cycle.

Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams

This method compels the dreamers to wake up after five hours and go to bed again. But this time, you must remember that you need to remember the dreams.

Is lucid dreaming every night good for health?


Experts say that frequent lucid dreaming may expose you to the diseases like schizophrenia or Paranoia. It is because elevated levels of brain activity during LD blues the borderline between reality and dream for a dreamer. It is harmful to the health of a person. You can use lucid dreaming for Physical or mental rehabilitation. But it's not healthy to experience it every night.

The final verdict is that although you can train yourself to induce LD daily, you must keep things in balance for beneficial results.