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Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Is Lucid Dreaming Bad?

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Is Lucid Dreaming Bad? Associative picture from Unsplash

Lucid dreaming is good and bad at the same time. For example, some people began to experience dream claustrophobia or sleep paralysis after experiencing the LD. Similarly, lucid dreaming may worsen the mental condition of people already having mental or psychological problems like psychopathy. Different researches quote that some people lost the distinction between reality and lucid dreams. So, all such cases account that experiencing lucid dreams is harmful to health.

Several case studies mention that lucid dreaming is a source of inspiration for creative people like gamers or artists. Similarly, Laberge’s findings of lucid dreams justify how lucid dreaming is a source of physical rehabilitation of paralyzed people. An article published in the medical papers mentioned that physiotherapists are using lucid dreaming to spark the motor skills of mentally upset people. It means we cannot label lucid dreaming as a harmful activity.

Is lucid dreaming unhealthy?

Although the LD experts mention that lucid dreams can hamper the normal sleep cycle or deteriorate the quality of the sleep cycle and the exponential brain functioning during a lucid dream is not good. Moreover, case studies proved inducing lucid dreams causes problems like schizotypy, headache, depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

But, it is true lucid dreams techniques cure various disorders and nightmares. LD is an ability to take possession of our dreams, that utopian knows that it is a dream. Presently doctors are using lucid dreaming for treating nightmare disorders. Moreover, it helps to understand our desires and to face our fears. So, you can not ignore it.

Should people do not experience lucid dreams?

Michael Bassey Johnson said that dreams taught me never to doubt myself as they let me do the impossible. Contrary to that, Brian said When you go to sleep, where do you go? It is like two sides of a picture. It means one side is ever dark. One side is fun, motivation, and adventure, while the other is horror or ambiguous. It means that the only thing that matters is how we perceive it and use it. However, people experiencing disorders like schizophrenia induce lucid dreams because it may intensify brain activity and affects psychopathic patients. Similarly, if used for the treatment of ailments and to overcome their fear, then it is adaptable.

What is good about experiencing lucid dreaming?

People love to dominate over things they have no control over, but not anymore. Sometimes, they want to get rid of their fears or complexes. It is interesting to live a moment of your choice, to feel free in this suffocating world. These are the reasons which provoke people to practice lucid dreams.

Moreover, the magical phenomenon of lucid dreaming enables paralyzed people to enjoy their physical fitness. Similarly, enjoying your fantasies like jumping from 15000ft of the cliff without any support and ending up flying or assuming your teacher, writing your exam for you because you are not well prepared, or perhaps taking revenge from someone is enjoyable through LD.

The endnote is that lucid dreaming is not good or bad by itself. You can use this process for productive benefits, and it all depends on how the experimenter perceives the process.