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Friday, 01 October 2021

Is lucid dreaming only for fun?

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Is lucid dreaming only for fun? Associative picture from Unsplash

There is nothing better than escaping to the other world with endless possibilities. Anything is possible if you are a skilled lucid dreamer. You can be a skilled lucid dreamer, but it will take time and regular practice.

Once you become an expert lucid dreamer, you can enjoy the freedom and see where you can go with your creativity. Lucid dreaming can be an exciting experience because you are the boss in your dream and can manipulate the whole scenario as per your wish.

On the other hand, it is used for many clinical and productive applications. Clinical applications include therapies, such as: to treat nightmares or practice to move a paralyzed arm. People are mastering their skills while sleeping and many other fruitful things.

Let's learn that whether people are using it just for fun or research is supporting and promoting lucid dreaming for accomplishing actual life tasks.

Statistics of LD about People Adopting LD

People are adopting LD for different reasons. A study was conducted to understand this behaviour, and results show that 20% of people adopt lucid dreaming 'for fun only'. At the same time, only 12% of the people were found to have LD for spiritual growth, while 65% favoured both fun and Spiritual growth.

This analysis shows that most lucid dreamers are learning to induce it for both reasons to entertain themselves and for being productive as well. Now let's learn more about it.

Why and how is LD adopted for fun activities?

An American Psycho-physiologist said that no words could describe the joy felt in LD. For many young lucid dreamers, LD is a very high quality of virtual reality where we can have fun and make all our dreams come true. There are many unsatisfied wishes in the subconscious mind, and LD provides a chance to fulfil desires.

LD is fun because of the reasons below:

  • It feels realistic.
  • You can visit any place you want, either real or imagined.
  • You can meet anyone you want to.
  • You can enjoy your most-loved fantasies while LD.
  • You can fly in your dream.
  • You can live and enjoy an impossible celebrity life.

Can You Adopt LD for other than Fun Activities?

Lucid dreamers initiate with just having fun and then undergoes the deeper stages of realization. Because when people gain expertise in LD, they understand the benefits and practice it with more dedication. People are willing to adopt lucid dreaming for some of the following reasons.

  • Sports players can practice and enhance their sports skills and bring them into practice in the real world.
  • You can train your mind to achieve your daily life goals through a lucid dream.
  • Nightmares are well treated through lucid dreaming therapy.
  • People can boost their creative skills; they can take ideas from LD.
  • You can get answers to many questions.
  • Sleeping on purpose to solve a problem has been proved and more into practice.
  • Meet your loved ones that are no more with you.