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Friday, 03 September 2021

Juice WRLD and his Lucid Dreaming experience

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Juice WRLD and his Lucid Dreaming experience Associative picture from Unsplash

Lucid dreams are associated with creativity and inventions. You can explore a complete history of discoveries and innovations that are the result of lucid dreaming. Music and singing are some of the creative fields that are connected to lucid dreaming.

A study was conducted with five musicians to investigate musical practice in lucid dreams. The results show that musicians and singers work well in lucid dreams by leading numerous constructive effects in awakening life. Future studies should discover music lucid dream perspective to expand creativeness and performance in awakening life.

Juice WRLD is one of the young rappers who experienced a lucid dream and came up with a song, "Lucid Dreams," that rose him to fame. Who was Juice WRLD? Was Juice WRLD expert lucid dreamer? Was the track "Lucid Dream" produced in a lucid dream?

Continue reading this article, and you will get answers to these and many other questions related to Juice WRLD and his lucid dreaming experiences.

Juice WRLD's Bio

ª Real Name: Jarad Anthony Higgins

ª Professional Name: Juice WRLD (Stylized), Juice World (Pronounced)

ª Date of Birth: December 2, 1998

ª Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

ª Date of Death: December 8, 2019

ª Profession: Rapper, Singer, Song Writer

He was raised by a single religious and conservative mother who advised him to avoid listening to hip hop.

Juice WRLD's Rapper Career

His rapper career was started in high school by uploading and promoting his music on an online music streaming platform, SoundCloud. He acquired the attention of fans and record labels in 2018 when his solo tracks "All Girls are the same" and "Lucid Dreams" hit the number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Production of "Lucid Dream"

In an interview with Billboard, he explained that lucid dream was written by him in his bedroom when he was a high schooler. He had written and chorused this song in steps, beginning with the chorus, then moving to a verse, and continued writing pieces. Later on, he combined all of them like a puzzle.

For the track recording, it only took him 20 minutes or so to record the track. "It wasn't rushed," he says. "I remember it was storming pretty bad that day…I think the power almost went out or something, it was crazy."

Juice WRLD's thoughts about Lucid Dreaming

"Lucid dreaming is dreaming, but you being aware that you're doing it," he describes the song's theme. "I feel as though if you're able to control your dreams, you have more power and control over your mind like you could reach more areas of your mind. Therefore, I feel like it creates the ability for you to achieve more things in reality."

In another interview, Juice WRLD stated that the song was prepared to be a "therapy session" when facing relationship problems.

From the song's lyrics, "Lucid Dreams," and his interviews, it seems like he was a lucid dreamer and this song is also a result of those experiences.