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Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Lucid Dreaming Expert: Musicians

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Lucid Dreaming Expert: Musicians Associative picture from Unsplash

Lucid dreams give power and control to dreams. So, it is necessary to achieve lucid dreams with a positive attitude. One of the craziest things is to hit lucid dreaming with music, and it can be used to accelerate lucid dreams.

If you are reading this article, you are enthusiastic about lucid dreams, expert musicians, and music's role in LD. Some talented musicians are engaged so well with their lucid dreams that they create music while sleeping. They work with lyrics and instruments daily to awaken life, and when they go through lucid dreaming, they write lyrics, play instruments and make a composition of their songs.

Are Lucid Dreams Helpful for Musicians?

Yes, lucid dreams are helpful for expert musicians to compose their music as well as write songs. Actually, playing instruments during lucid dreaming is fun, and it also provides many ideas to musicians; they use to create their songs that are musical masterpieces.

Research About Musical Practice in Lucid Dreams

In this research, five musicians were interviewed to investigate musical practice in lucid dreams.

Results indicated that during lucid dreaming, singing and playing musical instruments primarily work well. Two interviewees admire unrehearsed solos during their dreams. The participants also emphasize creativity and inspiration during lucid music dreams.

Some Expert Lucid Dreamer Musicians

Here are some musicians who are also experts in lucid dreams:

1. Richard David James

The Aphex Twin knows Richard David James. He is a British musician, composer and DJ. He is best known for his peculiar work in electronic styles. Aphex Twin explains that his album Selected Ambient Works Volume II's sounds were inspired by lucid dreaming. When he awakens, he recreates the sounds and then records them in real life.

2. John Winston Ono Lennon

John Lennon is an English singer, musician, songwriter and peace activist; he is a self-declared lucid dreamer. His songs are indeed under the influence of lucid dreams. In his music "In Strawberry Field," the lyric 'I know when it's a dream' and in "#9 Dream," the line 'it seemed so real to me' both are motivated by lucid dreaming.

3. James Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is an English songwriter, singer, musician and film producer as well. He is known as the most successful composer and performer of all time. He has a partnership with John Lennon, which remains the most successful in history. According to him, the melody of his well-known song Yesterday from Album 1965 was dreamed by him.

4. Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. He remains one of the most admired composers in the history of Western music. Lucid dreams also influence his compositions.


One of the fascinating things about lucid dreams by musicians is that they can practice music in a dream. They use lucid dreaming to improve their capabilities and explore their potential for creativity and performance in actual life.