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Wednesday, 05 October 2022

Lucid Dreaming Movies on Netflix

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Lucid Dreaming Movies on Netflix Associative picture from Unsplash

Dream movies grab the curiosity like no other and lead us on a conscious trip into the dream world, from the dream builders of Inception to the philosophically clear thinking of Waking Life. These movies are a way to experience a crossover between waking and dream life. Animated films available on Netflix, like Waking life, better explain the mechanism of lucid dreams and how to experience LD.

There is a boatload of content available on Netflix that portrays this concept. For example, Tom Cruise fascinates the Netflix audience by playing the role of a boy who crosses the boundary between reality and dreams. Some practitioners say it would be best to view an LD movie because they provide many mind mapping references regarding Lucid Dreaming. These movies may help you get more indulged in your lucid dreams and program your mind accordingly. Moreover, there is enough thought-provoking content to keep you captivated for the whole duration of the film.

What are some trending movies on Netflix regarding Lucid Dreaming?

Some of the finest action-thriller Netflix movies about lucidity are here.


Inception is a film directed released in 2010. A clear classic! Inception tells the narrative of 'dream thieves,' who get into people's minds and steal or plant ideas. This expert thief obtains information from his victims by invading their subconscious minds. It features 'layers of dreaming,' as well as shared dreaming and more! They also employ a 'totem,' a form of a reality check. Inception is an unusual and fascinating film built on the notion of lucid dreaming and the crafty unconscious mind as its foundation. Inception is a must-see picture for everyone interested in lucid dreaming, and it is undoubtedly viewers' top ten favorites. The fandom for this movie may be due to the Charming personality of Leonardo Dicaprio.


This film depicts a soldier in the army who, in the future, discovers a planet where they must explore for oil or some other commodity. The film does feel like a lucid dream, as Rebecca Turner, a lucid dream writer, indicated. Let's see: a man falls asleep, awakens in a new body, and romps in a lovely realm full of waterfalls and long-legged seductive surfs. Except for that last element, this is your ordinary lucid dream.

The Matrix

Neo has led an average life - in what he believes is 1999 - until he got contacted by the mysterious Morpheus, who brings him into the actual world. In actuality, it is 200 years later, and powerful Artificial Intelligence robots have ravaged the Earth. Computers have developed a fictitious representation of twentieth-century living dubbed the Matrix to keep human brains occupied and power their bodies. The Matrix is a shared lucid dream overseen by Artificial Intelligence that constructs the simulated world.

The good night

This film has a distinctive fandom as it features John. Connecting to a dream world in the tiring period of your life got explained magically in this movie. Fans of Sherlock can use this movie to relate themselves as lucid dreamers.


Watching lucid dreaming movies on Netflix can help your mind program or script events for a lucid dream. It means one can watch this video content to master the Lucid dreaming experience.