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Tuesday, 08 November 2022

Lucid dreaming vs Shifting

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Lucid dreaming vs Shifting Associative picture from Unsplash

There has been hype on TikTok regarding shifting this year. There were 22.4 billion views on the videos related to the hashtag #dracomalfoy. The tiktokers claimed that they visited the Harry Potter world by switching into the other parallel realm of the universe. The TikTok practitioners claimed that switching to another parallel universe of your choice in the real-time world is possible.

Peoples often get confused about whether lucid dreaming and shifting are the same or not. Although, LD and reality shifting seem similar. But keep in mind that reality shifting is more realistic and original.

Experienced Legends quote that LD involved the events happening in the sleep of a person. In lucid dreams, nothing is a part of a realistic world. Contrary to it, reality shifting is something more vivid and reality-based. It involves transferring your consciousness to another realm for the period you wish.

How does LD differ from shifting?

Lucid dreams and reality shifting have entirely different objectives and scenarios. Let’s delve into these differences to get a better understanding of both techniques:

Different objectives

People practising LD or reality shifting have entirely different aims. For people, reality shifts involve a technique of moving your physical being from current dimensions to another dimension of your choice. On the other hand, lucid dreams are a way to imagine your fantasies.

Difference of state

LD revolves around a dream world. However, reality shifting is about travelling from one timeframe of the waking world to another.

Scientific approvals

A plethora of scientific researches support the concept of lucid dreaming. The Health line on Lucid dreaming reports that about 50% of the population experience LD. In short, LD gets backed by scientific facts and reasoning. On the other hand, reality shifting does not owe any scientific findings. A book, Quantum jumping by Butt Goldman, offers some practices of the technique. Moreover, there are no stats available regarding how many peoples can practice it.

Method of induction

Lucid dreams are inducible only after sleeping. However, you don’t need to sleep to practice shifting. All the methods to perform shifting like the Raven and the Alice in the Wonderlands work while awake.

Meaningful technique

Some psychologists quote that reality shifting is more meaningful than LD. It provides you with the perception of your natural world, and it may help you understand the other realms. However, LD enables a person to do anything he wants. Reality shifting always has some productive intent, but lucid dreaming does not. People may perform LD without having any specific intention.

Can lucid dreaming help for shifting?

Some Reddit users claim that LD helped them shift to another reality. Arsy Sangster, a Wattpad user, quoted that the lucid dream method is more helpful for experiencing shifting. He said that waking after one hour of your bedtime will compel you to sleep again. You can use this situation to shift to another reality. Try to induce lucid dreaming while being sleepy and imagine a staircase to switch to another universe. You will feel like you are moving to another dimension.